TomeNET: soloist vs events. Some statistics

Main problem about events @ Soloist mode that it’s ruins fair RPG character
progress. Example of player progress in TomeNET:

1) get fire res
2) enhance weapon +5/+5
3) enhance weapon +10/+10 (going from +9 to +10 is 10-15 enchant
scrolls btw)
4) enhance armour
5) get FA (you need to get it asap, at least at 15 lvl)
6) get see_inv (at 20 lvl
7) enhance weapon +11/+11 +12/+12 ..
8) get fear (for melee)
n) get ESP (30 lvl+) & etc

Having powerful item at lvl 1 isn’t right for ‘Soloist’ mode. People who approve this say that it’s just an alternative way to get powerful item for the same amount of time which you would get it during traditional dungeon-crawling gameplay. To prove that it’s wrong: just some more statistics from my past steams @ Soloist mode VS NE mode:

Soloist @ Archer (Dark-elf, 150% exp): 1:06 1-16 lvl 2:28 16-26 
// so.. 3:34 minutes to get lvl 26 2:07 26-28 1:28 28-30 1:40 30-31 (died)
Total time to get 1-31: 8 hours 49 minutes
And at least hour(s) which I’ve spend in-game when I didn’t stream (to buy items in stores)

Soloist @ Death Knight (vampire 270% exp): 1:15 0-11 2:54 11-15 1:43 15-18 1:27 18-22 0:10 22 (died)
Total: 7 hours 29 minutes to get 0-22 + offline shopping

Now lets take my recent past streams – within NE mode when I get 1-48 lvl in 3 days.

NE @ Archer (Dark-elf, 150% exp):
1-32 lvl was almost instant :D Sorry, I didn’t stream it cause it was too boring to show this kind of cheezy-gameplay, I did it while watched TV program; I didn’t plan to make this investigation, to compare Soloist and NE mode… Anyway, my streams past 32 lvl: 32-38 lvls (2:30) 38-41 (1:15) 41-45 (1:56) 45-48 (3:30)
So I got 32-48 lvl in 9 hours 11 minutes. I played quite relaxed (just to get yet another housing-character), not to prove this concept (I’ve just remembered about it today); it includes A LOT of shopping & etc while streaming, so in real it’s much faster.

What we got, the same class/race:
Soloist:      1-31 lvl – 8 hours 49 minutes
NE mode: 32-48 lvl – 9 hours 11 minutes
 (killed all Nazgul, Feagwath and came to Angband).

1) So if we would take a presumption that DK event is an alternative to gameplay – it won’t be the same not only in terms RISK vs REWARD, but also in terms TIME vs REWARD. In average you won’t get 25 lvl for one hour gameplay @ Soloist. Getting DK reward for 1 hour, it’s not equal to 1-25 lvl in Soloist, which is 3:30 (for fastest lvling dps class – archer) and 8++ hours (for melee character). ‘Soloist’ is NOT a NE/EL mode where you could get lvl 48 in 10 hours EZPZ.

2) there were tens of gameplay situations where I got almost killed. Risk is very high, when you do not have imba items. And I know the stuff. In DK you could win without any knowledge about the game, skill doesn’t matter (sometimes you even spawn on steps :D). It should be taken in account while we calculation ‘risk VS reward’ coefficient.

3) the thingy about getting DK reward: it reducing risk of being killed. Without risk you getting item which make you ‘skip’ 1-30 lvls dangers (and adventures! so it’s ruining ‘Soloist’ idea) and it’s pretty possible that you would use this item till lvl, eg, 45.

4) Let’s take also common DK rewards, not only weapons (like slaying evil gloves). They are also give you big advantage. So if you doing DK with 30% success chance, spending ~3 minutes on it, you are getting guaranteed very good item for 10 minutes gameplay + you get boosted to lvl 3.

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