[TomeNET] ‘Soloist’ should be truly independent

C. Blue wrote (Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:06 am):
Currently there are no plans to extend the amount of characters
per account, also because of the amount of (free) houses.

How ‘Soloist’ could become a new mode without increasing house limits:

1) Make it not possible to buy/own houses for ‘soloist’ mode characters.
2) Give ‘soloist’ characters access to NE houses (like they got it now in pseudo-mode)

I create ‘soloist’ char. This char can not buy house. But this char could access houses of my alts at NE mode (he could come inside, drop his ‘soloist’ items and take them back).

Making ‘soloist’ truly separate game mode is good – because it would be easier to tweak different changes to this mode gameplay, eg:

1) It would give possibility to have separate true artifacts. Currently there are 74 true-arts which already found and shared between !3! modes – EL, NE and ‘Soloist’. Three modes, Carl! And finding true-arts at EL and NE is much-much more easier and faster, so ‘soloist’ chars are bound to be artifact-less. Having true-arts not droppable in houses doesn’t help cause EL-NE players just use high lvl alt chars to hold them.

2) Ladder. There are no highscores for ‘Soloist’; IDDC players got their place of honour, it would be great for ‘soloist’ mode to have such place too.

3) Do not forbid events participation. Currently there is (was?) a discission how to solve participation in game events for ‘soloist’s. AFAIK there are two variants atm – to leave everything as it is now or forbid chars to participate completely, because (I think) it’s hard to customize (in terms of coding) current ‘soloist’ pseudo-mode. Having truly separate mode would give more flexible options, like just restrict rewards a bit, eg:
make it not possible to get any kinds of weapon as reward for game events in ‘Soloist’ mode; lets it would possible to get only piece of armour with 10-15 enhanced armour; with rare occasion to get base resistances (only for body part) or one minor resistance (any other body part).

4) restrict ‘magic mapping’ magic (rods, spells, scrolls), make min. lvl to use it ~ 45. Maybe (?) leave such possibility only for certain classes, like istar or shaman, as they are very fragile and hard to play without it. It would bring exploration back to TomeNET, so players would try to search for hidden rooms, passages & etc.

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