Battle Legion: ‘The Void’

// Dark Forces League approved clan Blessed by Baron Samedi PEGI 35+

[..] The Void #cey

Only for chosen by the Void. You won’t even notice it until it comes…

Cy66oYa to the Void! (3x)

Welcome, my venerable, respectable, honorable, reverend, elderly, reputable, noble, grand, worthy Tyrants.

What are we doing? Bringing world down. First goal is the Chaos. And the Chaos is the road for the Void. Void will purify weakness. And we will swallow the Universe and fill the Void with our Desires and Corruption. And we will rule it. New Order will be estabilished. Soon ™

1) Daily raids. We will attack not only the Void servants (who are our natural allies, but we should weed the garden), but also raid kingdoms of other weak and self-conceited knights. We will PlayerKill everything on sight which do not pay THE TRIBUTE to us. Fly, you fools!
2) Every lord will get shards for free, The Void Emissary of Darkness will personally provide them. The Void will provide, yes. From our generous hands you will receive the best troops in the Realm. And also concubines.
3) Everyone will become famous. Crystal gazing and magical portal to our kingdom: I’ll channel my powerful magical conjuration to bring FAME to you and your families, dear lords.

— be faithful servant of The Void
— be familiar with necromancy and other fun things. We will curse our enemies to oblivion.
— be ruthless Tyrant. Slay everything which moves on sight. Destroy. Burn. Plunder.
— enjoy darkness, cruetly and succubus surrounding you in our Realm.

Reqs. temporary lowered to 2900! Only for a fraction of a second! Take your chance! Join the DARK clan! Make the victory of Dark Forces closer1!!1! 

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