Tangar’s guilds

I am welcoming mature persons who actually enjoy PLAYING the Game.

We strive for forming an international community keen on game lore. We doing what we like – roleplaying, dungeons, PvP, even crafting is welcomed 🙂

We are not “no-lifers guild”, we are mature people who play the game, not live in it. In a few words: our main concern is to enjoy the process of playing game, not only epic-rush!

Your playing style, gaming skills, character’s level are not the topics under discussion. Your personal qualities and the yearning to familiarize yourself with the game-world are the only things taking into account.

The official in-house language is English. TeamSpeak is not obligatory (but could be useful for people who want do joint dungeon’s and pvp’s).

To join guild – PM or whisper in-game to Tangar or any other member of our guild.

There is no entry fee of course 🙂 Other way round – you would get access to staff in guild bank and much more benefits!

We switched a lot of names and we played a lot of online games: Guild Wars, Eve online, SWTOR, Diablo, Ultima Online & etc %)

Current situation
We are an actively developing guild perfecting itself both in co-operating and socializing. Guild is like a melting pot, where different cultures meet each other. We’ve got players from all over Europe: Netherlands, Finland, Germany, England, Russia and much more countries!

Plans for the future
To reinforce community drawing in more guildmates. A lot of people in guild also want to skill up English spelling and grammar to a native speaker level.

To join us – just put comment below 🙂

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