Angels [Devilian]

Memento mori. Carpe diem. Tempus fugit.angels-devilianGuild “Angels” welcoming active players @ Seadrift

Currently “Angels” is lvl 8 guild, English-speaking, mature, fun&casual, non-toxic style. No obligatory taxes. Daily activities, PvE and PvP – Guild Dungeon, Guild War, joint Hell/archdevil dungeons and pre-made 3vs3 arenas.

We are very old community which switched a lot of names and we played a lot of online games: Ultima Online, WoW, Guild Wars, Eve online, SWTOR, Diablo, & etc %)

  • English. The official in-house language is English. Guild is like a melting pot, where different cultures meet each other. We’ve got players from all over Europe: Netherlands, Finland, Germany, England, Russia and much more countries!
  • Mature. We are not “no-lifers guild”, we are mature people who play the game, not live in it. Our main concern is to enjoy the process of playing game, but not only nonstop-farm without break! But you are free to farm 24/7 if you wish of course 🙂
  • Fun and positive. We are welcoming persons who actually ENJOY playing the Game. We don’t have toxic people in guild. Be nice and people would be nice to you!
  • Casual – nothing obligatory! Although it would be awesome for you and for us if you donate two cents for Daily Quest hehe). Also if you want to participate in guild life – we got a lot of daily activities!
  • PvE and PvP. Do what you like  Again, guild not pushing you to do something you don’t want to; its always your choice!
  • Active. You have to be online at least once per week. We do not have much free spots in Guild and if you go for a long vacation – please tell it to an officer and you would be invited asap after your return.
  • Voice chat is not obligatory, but could be useful in future raids. We use Discord, channel Angels



Old bones (Guild Master) – Tangar
ArchAngel (Guild Leader)   – Perun
Angel of Forces (HR officer) – MissBella
Angel of Battle (PvE officer) – Shallin
Angel of Blood (PvP officer) – MadQueen

Daily activities:

  • We are poking bear (Daily dungeon) @ 20:00 UTC.
  • PvP IHG at Silt Forest (Segarro) all day long and especially just after guild dungeon
  • Guild War PvP (please join battle if officers calling everyone there)
  • For guild daily hell/archdevil dungeons and pre-made arena’s just shout in guild chat 🙂
  • Please do not apply your second character to Angels if you already have one there. Soon we would create special separate guild for our alts 🙂

Our recruit topic at Devilian forums
Our streams & guides at Tangars’ youtube channel

Casual doesn’t mean something bad. We are mature players and having fun in Devilian without stupid no-life-gaming-style. And still we are one of the most active guild at server!


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