Open Source tribe (ML)

Our idea:

Do not have more WALLS than you need.

We are for open source to resources and spaces.

When someone build a walls around wilderness and there appears animals and trees – they do not appear in open-world. Other players can’t access them. Worst thing about it that people who build such walls also do not gather this trees and stones, doesn’t kill animal – its just lays there for a lot of time and players just walk around it without possibility to use it… People are starving cause of lack of food, they are cold cause of lack of trees, they are homeless cause of lack of stone.Cause of your walls.

Our motto:

Open Source Matters!

— to make freedom around us. Free woods, animals and rocks around you from walls!
— to be ascetic in terms of walls  It doesn’t mean to be poor. Just do not wall much wilderness and do not build too big houses.
— fun and positive. We don’t have toxic people in guild. Be nice and people would be nice to you.

Req. for joining:
— English language
— Mature. Mature in mind and actions, not in age
— To like open source aspect in real life 

Disbanded cause of no interest to Idea from community. And I can’t fight alone vs walling families and tribes. If you can’t fight something – head it (c).

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