Rage of Mages 2 in 2023: the adventures of smg2

Allods 2 (Rage of Mages 2) continues to live on the internet for over 24 years. Come play on my server of this wonderful Russian MMORPG. Here’s a little feedback from a new player.

Author of the tale: smg2

Ugh, describe my impressions in Allods 2 played as an amateur, starting with the first, occasionally racing through the hamachi with a friend. What can I say?

1. hardcore in today’s time. – I love mages, not a second can you relax – the absence of equipment – all only from mobs to drink – died – no one to revive you, start over – full drop in Allods.. I am not that I was not surprised; I would be surprised if it was not there.

2. What seemed inconvenient?

(Not that anyone cares about my opinion, but …) – the warrior has an opportunity at least basic equipment to buy in the tavern, the magician and it is deprived – by modern games (after all, I’m an old grandfather, and the free time is not so much) lack of stash. Perhaps I understand that this thing could somehow influence mid-and late-game, but it would be nice to put something you found not just in a bag in the tavern, and give it to the twink or convert to gold, and keep the stuff in case of loss of things in case of map reloads there, or the inability to make a CR. mb if you profess dark souls approach each death taught something

3. Impressions: Reminded me of the MUD, I do not know why this association, but there’s this. Perhaps the fact that you clearly assign roles, trying to micro-control to survive, set goals … in short, I just plunged into the magical atmosphere.

It feels like the maps are really polished. Changed the monsters, skills, abusive passages, etc. This adds honesty to the game on the one hand, on the other constantly keeps in suspense. Personal wish: I want to have a sawtooth of emotion, not constant tension. That is, tension, relaxation, tension – relaxation, for the mage constantly need to micro-control, well, no complaints about this, but the straight relaxation I have not experienced anywhere on the maps, just constant attention – and not blunt if pathfinding so heel tank, there throw lightning, on the respawn. That is such an interesting experience.

I want to thank Tangar and my bro for letting me dive into the world of magic, MMO, nostalgia and a little DARKSHOOLS, DO NOT WANT A RESPAUNT SKELETON in the face, BITCH sorry. Hug!

Also liked that the community was friendly. Helped with tsr, advice. In the process of chatting felt purely in the lodge room MUDs, when people just chatting came in purely leisure 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I loved that game back in a days

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