Unbeatable Red Army (Drachenfels UO)

Welcome, one and all to our homepage. If you are interested, here is some clan history and useful stuff. The clan was founded on June 21, 1998 on the Drachenfels shard of Ultima Online. Basicly it was a PvP clan with 25 veteran members. But with the following incoming of EverQuest online RPG game in 1999 some members left UO for EQ, some simply quit, as did the clans guildmaster, Praetorian. So like in late February, 1999 the clan ceased to exist. But now on January 1, 2000 some of the former clan members went to drink beer to a local bar, & after many pints of it, J they decided to reanimate the clan. Now the guildmaster is back, and some former members as well, still there is a massive guilds newbie training and mercenary hiring. Most guildmembers are russian, still there are german, canadian and dutch members. The guilds maim purpose is PvP, still for now there are no active guildwars cause there are many Apprentice newbie members. Thats the most info i could give you for now, so for any more info e-mail

Leader of URA – Praetorian