TomeNET – online roguelike

If you like TomeNET, you might also enjoy my MMO-roguelike Tangaria –

TomeNet ( — online roguelike game which include both MMORPG genre features and roguelike gameplay; you could call it ‘MMO-roguelike’.

My projects:
– Addons for TomeNet — game in ‘fullscreen’, fixing ‘alt’ problems, new hotkeys
Graphical tileset –  oldschool 1-bit tileset
– Music for TomeNET – old school music from Diablo, HoMM, UO and other masterpieces
TomeNET Blog – my articles about TomeNET

Tangar’s guides: // translation in progress
Maps of cities and World
Runemaster review

Useful lunks:
Official guide по TomeNet
TomeNET Discord
Monster search
 by Mikaelh


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