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At this page I’ll post my guides for Dungeon Crusher game 🙂


Ena/Feral+Nush → 4M siege hero → Kerth/430M siege → Space → Star → Soul

How to get a FREE gun

THere are 8 weeks of different sieges. Every week game’s shop got a Siege Set with a specific gun inside which costs void (main currency).

When you buy this Siege Set for a first time – you receive a special bonus – 5x demon horns (DH) – very valuable items which give possibility to summon clan boss and eventually get 230m elite heroes.

So it’s 1 time possibility for each type of siege – to get bonus DH for buying Siege Gun. There are 8 different sieges and 8 guns – so you could buy guns with bonus demon horns 8 times.

As Siege Set cost 1 void – donate currency – a lot of players want to exchange their void for demon horns. But as you could do it only 1 time per week and only 8 times in during your lifetime – players buying the opportunity to get horns for void from other players. It’s called ‘cash out void

So you write in main chat something like: “I will cash out your void for 5 dh.”

This means that you are looking for a person who will send you void in exchange for 5 dh. You receive void, buy Siege Set for it – and then you send 5 demons horns to the player and leave yourself a gun. Free gun! 🙂

You could repeat this thing 8 times total – with each siege type. After you did it once – item in the shop won’t show DHs inside Siege Set.

Getting 230m hero in Dungeon Crusher

There are two ways to get 230m elite hero:

1. gather 25-40 DH (demon horns) and nuke Clan Bosses.

Where to get DH?
1) trading: sell your ‘free’ guns, rune chests etc
2) solofarming clan
3) $

2. get 4m GalX and try to make 230m during siege hours. It’s pretty hard. Possible only if you play at very active server.

My personal experience: I’ve spend 29 honrs and 400 bungles to get 230m.

Heroes which shouldn’t go to mines

At this picture on the left you see heroes which is ABSOLUTELY forbidden to send to mines as they provide skills.

And this text list below shows which heroes you should NOT send to mines to dig emeralds if you wish to complete daily quests too (raise hero to 800 lvl quest):

Ena Hawkeye
G’eld Kil’Ndar
Nerdd Cladd’Urden
Sha, the Alchemist
King Midas
Helazar, Dead Lord
Brath the Merciless
Rakka Fireheart
… and your main hero (mine is Nush)
… and your hero for gaining rarity (elite or other)

Abe, Griswold & Neerd can be upgraded to 2 Stars with equipment for pretty cheap and can be altared every run for bonus hero shards as well.

Always be careful in Altar. Double check all selected heroes before you click OK so you don’t burn something you need… (Deli)

Where to setup your Spatial Portal artifact

    • 39 loot (before that loot do not drop)
    • 78 spectres (before that specters do not appear)
    • 434 rare zone (endgame players prefer it to get Holograms item drop)
    • 646 (to pass 666 one)
    • 1434 Rare Loot Zone
    • 1646 Bypass Devil Levels
    • 1778 Hire Kerth
    • 2434 Rare Loot Zone with Space Gear loot
    • 2646 Bypass Devil Level
    • 3434 Rare Loot Zone with Space Gear loot
    • 4000 Max level for Spatial portal… at 5000 Level 6 Gear Drops.

Burn ranks

Sera, Mistress of Flies, Mecharion,

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    Idk if you’re still playing tangar but do you have a video on emerald farming I’m the late stages?

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    I don t understand when hero is elite. Change everythung?

  4. mattrio says:

    What you mean “Burn ranks”?

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