Darkfire Heroes GUIDE

Most important Darkfire Heroes secret:

1. Do not level up past lvl 15 too early. Stay at lvl 15 as long as possible. There are brackets >15, 16-25, 26+. If you go hier bracket – you meet much more powerful enemies in PvP and events. So transfer to 16-25 bracket only when you are ready. And do not ever transit past 26 – there are OP p2w players — “whales”.

Now some more…

2. Stay at 15 lvl with good heroes: tank and healer for campaign, Lyang (support), Otho (best hero for Hero Race) and some good DPS: Josse , Larenzo, Niena, Lirs, Yera. Later on the best healer become Aul.

Hero Race deck: Otho, Larenzo, Lirs, Niene and Yera

3. Buy Heroic chests. They are better.
Heroic chest — 150 gems // 54 common, 20 rare
Epic chest 575 gems // 120 comman, 40 rare, 5 epic
1 Epic gems cost = ~3.8 Heroic // 205 common, 76 rare

Do not spend gems on anything except chests.

4. To change lineups fast – use “Browse loadouts” feature (at right bottom corner at selection troops for battle screen). It saves not only heroes, but also their equipment.

5) Do not use Resurrection and Energy Stones. Save them for later (hard levels at the end of end-game campaign; big chests at #10).

4) Use equipment which provide % bonus; it’s better then plain numbers. Eg +5% defense is better than +10 defense.

6) When you are out of energy – fight in PvP; you could do it endlessly for a good rewards (to see rewards – click tournament cup on the right top corner of PvP screen).

7) There are additional levels for campaing. When you stuck at ‘Normal’ campaign – switch to ‘Hard’ or ‘Expert’

8) What does mean ‘Charge’ ability?

It’s “Hero Power” which immideately cuts out a portion of the ability cooldown. You can see it visually in the hero portrait when CD slowly refreshing and then BAM! (if ‘charge’  activated) it jumps a certain % immideatelly.

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