Rage of Mages 2: new tier. Darkland and RandTomb

Added new tier of quest maps at server #8 – Tier 1 with Darkland and RandTomb maps. There you can complete tavern tasks which reward up to 18m experience. Also this maps contains special stuff:
1) set for mage: +18 to all elements
2) set for barbarians: body+2 equipment
3) sets of magic weapons and staves
Also you could increase there your character’s certain parameters up to 62 by buying special stat potions for 100m.

– max. reward on “Hard”: 700k → 999k
– PvP allowed everywhere except “Easy-1”
– at ‘Horror’ and ‘Quest’ maps some of 4/5 lvl monsters received 5-7% buff to attack
– at #4medium (and only there) – mithril now gives additional protection
– at #5hard (and only there) – adamant now gives additional protection
– on server #3easy and #4medium, the attack of orcs, goblins, ogres, trolls, skeletons, zombies, demons has been reduced
– Heaven map – start become easier (removed stone curse mages), added useful mobs
– healing potions on the quest map now heal not +1, but +3 hp
– weight of healing potions is reduced by 2 times
– the duration of the magic shield spell is increased
– potions for 100m now increase body at 6Horror and 7Quest maps. They are alternative to potions which you could get from 7Quest map. Please note these potions will be handy also at later map tiers.
– additional prizes have been added to Quest mards: in addition to potions for body, there are now items of equipment with body for a warrior and with a spirit for a magician
– on Quests, experience loss for death has been reduced from 3% to 1%
– on Quests, the chance of items dropping on death has been reduced from 10% to 5%
– regeneration has been removed for level 5 monsters on Quest maps
– goblin5 slow nerfed
– first maps #1 server: archers now drop bows
– lowered price on spellbook “Blizzard” 500m -> 300m
– dragon4 earth resistance 90->85; dragon5 92->90
– wall of earth scrolls 500k -> 250k // elven 1.5m -> 1m
– fixed regen cheat. Thanks to @Bannoobs for report
– fixed exploits on several maps. Thanks to @Arreat139
– new stat potion has been added. You start the game with stats 15-15-15-1. At server #2 you could increase your spirit from 1 to 15. Potion cost 5k.
– chain mail type armour and “open” helmets, cuirasses, bracers now weigh much less – dragon skin armor is now much lighter on server #5

Each of the islands (allods) has its own magic and its own laws of physics. Each substance and each material works on them in a different way. Anything above a certain material for the specified allod has additional weight or greatly reduced characteristics, see second table above: https://igroglaz.com/en/rom2/rage-of-mages-2-guide
Thus, the crystal equipment on the #5 “hard” weighs 3 times more than on the “horror”, at the same time on the #3 “medium” the crystal is practically useless (defense, armor, damage – like at iron). Additional examples:
At #1 “easy” steel weighs ~3 times more; anything higher than mithril is worse than iron.
At #2 mithril weighs 6 times more; anything higher than adamant is worse than iron, etc.
This do not affect magic on items.

PvP on all maps except “Easy-1” and “Easy-2” turned ON! Notes:
1) when you die from PvP you loose 1% exp (much less than from PvE)
2) equipment drop chance upon death reduced accordingly to server number. Eg server #1 got 1% chance do drop equipment, #2 – 2%, #3 – 3%… Exception is #7 – there it’s 5%.
3) inventory drop chance at #1 is 1%; at all other servers – 10%

HDD disk replaced with SSD on server due lags… it’s extra 7$/month so donation support appreciated: https://igroglaz.com/en/rom2/support-hat

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