Roglik – minimalistic roguelike (“coffeebreak”) game

Roglik – free open-source minimalistic roguelike (coffeebreak roguelike) game designed to provide 5-7 minute game sessions till win or yasd.

Goal of the game is to bring the Ring to the River of Flame and try to get rid of it… The map surroundings are known to your character as you have bunch of maps, but creatures and object aren’t…

Download the game – source code and binaries


How to play

Arrows/wasd/hjkl – move and attack
Space/Enter/> – go to the next level
1/q/t – teleport (mana)
2/e/y – heal (mana)
3/r/u – dig (HP)
‘n’ – start a new game
‘ESC’ – exit the game

You level up HP and Attack by defeating monsters. Your loose satiation (HP) after some time.


Human: learn faster
Dwarf: +HP, +Att, -Stealth; boni to Digging
Elf: +HP, +Att, +Stealth boni to Teleportation
Halfling: -HP, -Att, +Stealth can dodge and avoid traps sometimes
Orc: +HP, +Att, -Stealth boni to Healing

How to build


  1. install MinGW and PDCurses. How to do it: video tutorial
  2. gcc -Wall -Wextra main.c -o roglik.exe -lpdcurses -static


  1. install NCurses
  2. gcc main.c -o roglik.bin -lcurses

Story behind

I’ve made C language roguelike-tutorial at my YT channel:

Initially I’ve made just a template of roguelike game, but at the end I’ve decided to make it more playable and added a bit more features on top.. so now it’s a tiny game 🙂 I called it ‘Roglik’ as it’s very simple.

Source code (+ binary for Windows):

Roglik is the game in public domain, no credits, copyrights etc. Enjoy! 😀

Now.. There are detailed video lessons – how such game could be written with a full explanation:

0) – most basic tutorial.. how to make basic rlg template with Conio.h . Might be useful for beginners who don’t know how to begin.. 🙂

1) – we move to NCurses and implement basic movement

2) – we make room and walls

3) – random generation of character and room

4) – generate NPC and random rooms

5) – switching to PDCurses and make proper room generation

6) – create corridors in dungeon

7) – C language structures for monsters

8) – staircases and event messages

9) – monsters diversity (adding moar monster’s types)

10) – simple AI of monsters. Movement and attack

Playlist with all these vids:

In case if you need basics of C language (as roguelike tutorial assumes that you know some minimum), there is also a full C language playlist where I explain stuff from scratch: