Tangar’s oldschool fantasy game music pack

Dear catguys, you are welcome to download musicpack with best fantazy tunes from my favorite games – HoMM2-3, Diablo, Allods 2, Brаvada, M&M4-8 and UO: 

1) Music pack: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nu09e6a5i4fo0gf/music.7z
2) Sound pack: http://www.mediafire.com/file/eqx5m1mk553y6ow/sound.7z
Pass is the name of the roguelike game 😉

1) Unpack to …\TomeNET\lib\xtra\music // more info in the guide
Also please note that by default TomeNET folder could be found at C:\users\…\TomeNET-user
2) Download test client (at the bottom of downloads page) and put it in TomeNET folder 
3) I highly recommend to turn on ‘shuffle music’ in in-game options ( = 4 )

If you got message upon login: “Your music pack is outdated”, don’t worry, it’s because not all flags are active yet; it wouldn’t influence your gameplay.

Please leave your suggestions, impressions, ideas :) If you would hear any clipping, distortion or any other glitch/bug – please report it there!

Some useful info considering creating musicpacks for myself (so I wouldn’t forget) and not only:
1) first grab source music to ‘tomenet’-like folder structure. It has to be source files, so you would be able to convert them later (to adjust volume, sampling frequency & etc)
2) to make music sound the same volume for all files (batch) – you could use very useful instrument in Adobe Audition, it’s called “match volume”. It’s even possible to use certain file as example and all other files would have the ~the same volume as this file :)
3) every location has to have not more then 4096 characters in it (including wrapped text with “\”). In other words, the total length of the (wrapped) line can’t exceed 4096 characters. So if you put really long pathnames there, you could break it if you exceed that new limit too.

Musicpack would be updated further, its not a final version. Also please tell your comments and critics. Next time I’ll tune some themes and add more tracks. Please tell what do you think, so I could understand what to change there. May be now its a bit too quiet? I could make it louder.

Versions history:

Ver 5
Fixed a bug (I hope) with short track for ‘terryf’ lvl which repeated over and over. Added more music tracks for holidays & other events where the same track was repeated again and again.
Ver 4
– New version of musicpack is live! Added a lot of awesome music (don’t forget to /evsign for DK to hear new theme!), fixed wrong links at music.cfg, remastered volume of several themes (Nazgul theme included).
Ver 3

– increased overall volume
– fixed wrong frequency
– fixed typos in music.cfg
Ver. 2
Test client give possibility to have more than 3 tracks, yaw! Converted all tracks to .ogg format, cause some mp3 files made client freeze. Also adjusted volume for all tracks.
Ver. 1
Release; the problem: TomeNET do not support more than 3 tracks per location.

3 Responses to Tangar’s oldschool fantasy game music pack

  1. Edendil says:

    I love the music pack! Really enjoy it. I wish I could get the sound pack as well.

  2. Hungmanmoojoo says:

    The sounds link is dead

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