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Hi ho, catguys! I am…


Tangar Igroglaz, circa 2004. Artist: Aila

  • Game Designer and Programmer
    – Creator of MMO-roguelike “Tangaria“:
    https://tangaria.com/ – a free open-source multiplayer roguelike;
    – Maintainer of MMO-server Allods 2: https://rom2.ru – legendary Russian online RPG;
    – Currently developing multiplatform idle-MMORPG IdleSkills: https://idleskills.com
  • Blogger. Running 50 a few YouTube channels (list: https://entr.ru)
  • Journalist. I analyze online games and write articles. Living in MMORPGs since 1999 (Ultima Online @ Drachenfels and Catskills);
  • Writer. Working on a book about the fantasy world. Sometimes I write poetry.
  • Musician, composing songs, teaching guitar. Wrote electronic music, DJed vinyl.
  • Designer. Layout & visuals in graphic design.
  • Scientist; Ph.D. in Biology (graduated and defended at Moscow State University).
  • Founder of Streamers Guild (streamguild.ru), the largest Russian-speaking community of streamers.

Game design and development experience

2023 – IdleSkills
Sandbox open-world idle-MMORPG.
Web-site: https://idleskills.com
Description: Roguelikish skill-based gameplay. MUDs narrative and deepth. Thousands locations to explore. Open world events and encounters. Unique character development system. Dozens of activities and skills.
Used skills: Golang

2022 – Roglik
Free open-source minimalistic roguelike game.
Repo: https://github.com/igroglaz/roglik
Description: Minimalistic roguelike (coffeebreak roguelike) game designed to provide 5-7 minute game sessions till win or yasd.
Used skills: C language

2019 – Tangaria
Free open-source multiplayer roguelike game.
Web-site: https://tangaria.com
Repo: https://github.com/igroglaz/tangaria
Description: Game combines the complexity and unpredictability of roguelike genre and social features of MMORPG: fight monsters together with your friends, chat, PvP (on demand), build a house, open a store to trade your goods with other players.
Used skills: C language

2019 – Rage of Mages 2
Multiplayer game server.
Web-site: https://rom2.ru
Repo: https://github.com/igroglaz/srvmgr
Description: full redesign of game progression and balance.
Used skills: disasm/assembly, xml, data extraction, C++, SQL (MySQL), php, python

Brief MMORPG biography

Me in 2000: pimple on the nose: -5 to charisma; +10 to dodging. Against the backdrop of UO and Allods disks

I’ve been into online games almost since their inception (late 90s), and before that, there were multiplayer shootouts in Quake and CS over LAN in smoky computer clubs; also, marathons on the “hot seat” in Heroes, Worms, etc.

My journey into online worlds began with RPG Allods 2 (known as Rage of Mages 2) and MMORPG Ultima Online in 1999. Since then, I’ve played everything – from browser games to WoW, Guild Wars, and more. The main principle for choosing a computer game is the presence of a full online mode; the key factor being client-server technology or simply storing character files on developer servers (otherwise, cheating, ruin, and decadence).

Since then, I’ve played in countless different MMORPGs. Here are some of them (in alphabetical order): Age of Wulin, Albion Online, Archeage, Black Desert, Devilian, Diablo, Dungeon & Dragons Online, Eve Online, EverQuest, Firefall, GuildWars, Legends of Aria, Lost Ark, LotRO, Neverwinter online, Path of Exile, RotMG, Shroud of the Avatar, SWTOR, The Elder Scrolls Online, Tree of Savior, WildStar, World of Warcraft, Sphere. In addition, there were MOBAs, multiplayer shooters, CCGs. Some games were played to exhaustion on different mods and shards (especially UO).

For single-player games, I like to reminisce in oldies from my youth — Might and Magic 6+, HoMM2, Settlers I, Civilization I, Vangers… Regarding modern single-player games, I’m exclusively interested in the roguelike genre (my first roguelikes were Nethack and Moria around 1995).

TangarIgroglaz on YouTube

  • I enjoyed not only playing but also discussing game design; where the MMO industry is heading; reminiscing about old times, flipping through gaming magazines. In my time, I made several video columns; for example, MMO Lightning – latest MMO news; IgroCircle – online world analytics; IgroSis – .. well, you get it. Often, besides me, you’ll see the beauty Shtukensia 🙂 On YouTube, I have four channels dedicated to games:

  • https://youtube.com/idleGlaz – English channel about mobile games;
  • https://youtube.com/Tangaria — English channel about roguelikes & oldgames;
  • https://youtube.com/igroglaz – RU game dev and online games analytics;
  • https://youtube.com/StreamGuild – RU streams, videos, and guides;

    Also, from the closely related gaming theme, I run the GEEK-culture channel: https://youtube.com/tangar

Life facts

  • In real life, I’m a bear, born in 1985, from Moscow (recently moved to Israel).
  • I speak Russian, English; learning Hebrew.
  • I lead an active lifestyle whenever possible. Love to walk (far and high). Once practiced karate, swimming, shooting. Played football and tennis.
  • I don’t use any mind-altering substances. Don’t even drink tea (because caffeine). In a past life (about 20 years ago), tried everything and got bored of it.
  • Interested in history and politics. Religion is interesting from cultural-historical aspects, nothing more.

Regarding the development of this site – plans to post rare screenshots from various MMORPGs, primarily from UO; new sections will be added and current topics covered.

Some people ask me about my greetings at video:

One question whats all that gestures you make at the start of the video? I’m curious. Hands in the head.. waves and one open eye. It’s a cheat code to reach high levels in roguelikes?

First I wave my ears – as I’m bear, and it’s how bears say “Good day!” to you, people 😉 Then I say my name – “igroglaz” and show how I play with my keyboard with my paws (“igro” = “game” in Russian) and show my curious eye (“glaz” = eye) =)

Contacts for business inquiries: igroglaz [at] gmail [dot] com

The author accepts no liability for any harm, injury, disease, insanity, death, life, trauma or shotgun wounds caused, directly or indirectly, by this text to any person..

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