Choosing an emulator for the Ultima Online server

If you want to run your shard in an UO (Ultima Online), you first need to choose what its server will be running on. Since ancient times, we have taken the Sphere and POL, but now there are other, often even more popular options.

Sphere – written in C language. This beauty is still relevant and actively developing. In 2016, new fork “SphereServer X” appeared.

POL – C++. POL has a large number of configs and uses its own scripting language (eScript). My favorite free shard Celestial Sphere (it’s gone sadly) was created on POL.

ServUO – C#. The ServUO supports the latest version of the protocol. It has quite a lot of new content and it is the most popular emulator nowadays.

RunUO – C#. RunUO supports ML content and the fresh protocol of the official UO client. Plenty of cool servers powered by it.

UOX3 – C/C++. UOX3 feature is a wide cross-platform possibilities.

ModernUO – C#. Based at RunUO. While RunUO based at .NET 1.1, ModernUO uses .NET Core 3.1.4, got IPv6 support, automatic generic serialization and other performance advantages.

Please write in the comments what other servers you know and what shards you played on 🙂

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6 Responses to Choosing an emulator for the Ultima Online server

  1. Anonymous says:

    ModernUO doesn’t seem to work in Linux….

  2. Kamron Batman says:

    FYI, ModernUO is on .NET 7 🙂

  3. Niko says:

    You forgot ModernUO which is the best UO emulator right now.

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