[addon] Tangar’s addon – fullscreen, seamless, alt problem & etc

This is addon for Windows client. Addon solves “alt” problem, removes borders, cropping duplicated stroke, making game fullscreen, fixing numpad+5 key, make NumLock, CapsLock and WinKey safe to push while play and give possibility to bind macro to them. Also gives wider range of macro to Tab and tilda.
Important: do not use NumLock for ‘battle’ actions!

1) download AutoHotkey https://autohotkey.com/ – its free program
2) download addon http://igroglaz.com/wp-content/uploads/games/tomenet/tomenetV1-7.ahk // to download: RMB* -> ‘save link as…’
3) customize addon option – to hide or not to hide top stoke in game window (edit file it in Notepad, like common text file)
4) run addon file as ‘administrator’ (create shortcut to the file on desktop and choose in file prorerties ‘run as administrator’.
5) run game and use MMB+LMB* to activate addon in active window, MMB+RMB to deactivate. 
*L/RMB –  left/right mouse button. MMB – middle mouse button; 

Development history:

1-7 version:
– I’ve noticed that one of the most ‘comfortable’ key combinations is Alt+CapsLock. But when you push it’s pretty easy to make mistake and push Alt+Tab which could literally kill you (cause addon make game full-screen and you won’t notice that you alt-tabbed). So I’ve made Tab key work as F7 and Tilda key – as F6. It also give veeery nice combos with Alt. Also I’ve added rearrangment of ESC key (to allow make ctrl-shift-alt combos), but it’s commented-out for now as there is an issue with ‘%’ menu (hope devs could help to solve it). 
1-6 version:
– Now it’s possible to use: shift/ctrl/alt + numlock/capslock/winkey/ To do so I had to assign this keys to F11-F9. If you like to use this F-keys, you could assign addon keys to another buttons, for example to numbers (9,8,7) or any other keys, which support shift/ctrl/alt combos.
1-5 version:
– numpad+5 is now bound to F11 to be able to use ctrl-shift-alt with it.
1-4 version:

– now to turn addon on you need to push not WinKey, but mouse middle button
– added support of numlock, capslock and winkey as fully functional macro. From now on no need to block your keys with piece of paper! You are safe and even more – you could have 3 extra buttons!
1-3 version:
– adden possibility to use numlock+5 and ctrl+numlock+5 buttons.
1-2 version: 
– …data lost. no idea what we had there 😀
1-1 version:

– added fullscreen mode
1-0 version:
– solves “alt” problem, removes borders, cropping duplicated stroke

Also you have to edit your TomeNET.ini file to have right amount of strokes for messages window. I use:

[Main window]

[Mirror window]
WindowTitle=Game messages

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