Rage of Mages 2: endgame is starting!

Portal to HARD Allod opened!

New maps on “hard”: Tier and Dragon Sand. For some time on hard there will be only two these maps, so they will be properly tested. Please report bugs, problems, issues, exploits etc

– Stat potions on “Hard” maps now could be aquired from 1.000.000 exp quest in tavern. Shop potions on “Hard” won’t raise your stats!
– Max. reward at “Hard” maps increased to 1.000.000
– necro4 leader HP 300 -> 1300
– necro4 leader at Middle map (3k hp) got 10 elven scrolls of curse
– The “horror” is live. There you can buy potions for 30,000,000. Each potion adds +1 to all parameters. Maximum character parameters at “horror”: 52 52 52 43
– max. reward for the quest in tavern there: 6.300.000
– on “horror” PvP allowed

Second update:

– now on “hard” stats potions are sold from the store for 10.000.000; they increase 4 parameters at once;
– on “horror” stat potions now could be aquired from taverns for tasks for 1.000.000+ experience.
– on horror for quests from the tavern, you can get items body+ 1
– new maximum parameters on horror:
(see table https://igroglaz.com/allods2/guide)
– maximum bonus to health on item for a quest in a tavern on horror +30 → +50
– max. mind on items 5 → 3
– reduced experience loss when dying on horror (from pvp and from mobs)

I highly recommend to read an explanation notes just below stat potions table. Now you can gain body only on quest maps.

The first person who will gain body stat with potions till 52 – will receive a unique prize: weapon with in-built magic spell (one per server)

Third update:

– added potions of life regeneration: they are “antidote” potions that can be obtained on easy and medium maps;
– added potions to restore hp/mana +1 – cost 150 gold in any shop;
– four potions for stats for light-medium were combined into two (cost 20k → 40k and 400k → 800k);
– a blue potion for 40k besides the fact that you can drink it with to raise characteristics at # 3 “medium” – will now also increase your character’s mana regeneration;
– Added a mysterious potion for 1b. You will have to drink it in the “Portal”. Do not try to drink it until you get there, unless you wanna kill your character.

In general, now it will now become easier to get stat potions on the quest map – use regen and + 1hp pots.

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