Rage of Mages 2: medium level difficulty

Medium difficulty started!

– dragon3 at medium difficulty now drop some parts of magic dragonhide armour which is better than tavern drop
(please note that you can ‘craft’ an armour from dragonhide not from the first attempt…)
– fixed problem with dropping cloth at easy-1
– revamped loot at easy-1
– nerfed acid stream at medium
– maps update

Update by kobik:

– the availability of quests increased
– the reward of group tavern tasks now depends on the size of the group
– previous patches (rng bags and 0 exp start) included to build
– if there are 8+ mobs of a certain type on the map, then now you can take a quest for 5-25 pcs. For those who like to hunt on a lot of squirrels

Quest for all alloders of the realm:

To be able to travel to more distant Allod (‘hard’ difficulty) our players need to craft 5 sets of dragonhide armor with maximum parameters, including this pieces:

1) gloves
2) helmet
3) bracers
4) boots

Each piece should cost 211k-220k in shop when you try to sell it.

This pieces could be gathered from Dragon.3 monsters. So when we will have 5 warriors equipped with this this items – next difficulty will be open. Please post screenshots proof of obtained items in #moments (post should include character screenshot and separate pictures of each equipment with the price shown there)

Second update:

– Haste now belongs to the element of Air. You can only cast it only on yourself.
– max. bonus +air skill on equipment 18 -> 9
– slightly increased mana costs for Medium difficulty for protection from elements, heal, haste
– fixed shield spell costs on Medium 50 -> 125
– stone curse from traps on Medium buffed
– removed cheesy spots from maps

Astral Thunderstorm!

– all heroes have partially lost their memory. Lost knowledge about the magic of the Astral and how to shoot from a bow (no matter how strange it may sound);
– necromancers, dragons, ogres, trolls, demons and succubus became immune to the astral;
– ogres, trolls and demons are immune to shooting;
– Dragons can now be scratched with a spear… to do this, change weapons during the attack.

Changed quest for all Alloders of the Kingdom:

To be able to go to a more distant Allod (“hard” level of difficulty), we need to find five daredevils-warriors (warrior or amazon class) who can solo kill a level 3 dragon.

To prove you did it, record a video (and post to #moments ) or ask to look at you fight @Xsama-Xsa or @Kobik (or me). The achievement will be immortalized in the section https://igroglaz.com/allods2/ladder

For mages: there is a special places with two dragons 3 at In-and-Out map. If you will manage to kill them with a mage solo – it will count as heroic deed.

A new chapter in our epic adventure ……

Our Allod is terrorized by two dragons – Strazarion and his chosen one Driraza. They have been devouring virgins for many years, which the inhabitants of the surrounding villages bring them in tribute.

It is also rumored that dragons are guarding a magical portal and by defeating them, the heroes will be able to go to the more “difficult” Allod.

This Friday (29/02/2021) at 20:00 (Moscow time) a raid of brave adventurers is gathering to stop the excesses of these dragons!

The number of participants is not limited (up to 16). During the event it’s forbidden to use allies from taverns. Other details will be communicated on the spot. If event succeed – all participant will receive unique reward.



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