Rage of Mages 2: easy level difficulty

  • some groups and quests on ‘easy’ become more casual
  • Heal spell (and heal scroll) now restore ~50 hp at first server (only there!)
  • experience on easy-1 increased 2x (to compensate 15 stats)
  • experience on easy-2 increased 1.5x (to compensate 25 stats)
  • PvP turned off for both Easy
  • easy-2 got taverns with now (max reward 22k) – located closer to center
  • In all “big” mobs, as well as in some groups, potions have been added that restore 1hp and 1mana. Please note that their description in the game is crooked :slight_smile: also they are sold in the shop for 50g, not 500
  • Potions which drop from monsters now restore:
    – easy1 maps: 30 hp / mana
    – easy2: 20 hp / mana
  • the magic shield spell is nerfed (on easy-1 a little; on easy-2 more harsh – because there the skill is higher). In the future for each difficulty the magic shield will be scaled; as well as HP potions and other gameplay aspects. Each difficulty level will be balanced separately
  • Maps:
    – nival: spawn time undeads center
    – kids: move space near townhall
    – fury: removed harpy interception quest

Second update:

– Added shops for ‘easy-2’ for tired adventurers on the far outskirts of our Allod Island
– Now all magic on each difficulty level has its own parameters
– Removed all “advanced” magic on ‘easy 1-2’ (TP, stone curse, fire wall, spray lightning etc.). This magic will begin to appear on the medium and will work in full closer to ‘hard’
– On ‘easy 1-2’ attack scrolls are nerfed (normal from 50 to 10 skill; elven from 100 to 50)
– The magic shield is a little more nerfed
– Map Desert become easier on the bridge
– Fury: moved bats further to the forest
– Road: squirrels2 quest and bats
– Technical stuff: a batch file has been created for the convenience of managing server date editions and a php script has been configured for batch editing of parameters
– fixed problems on some maps
– shield duration nerfed

Third update:

  • added new easy-1 difficutly… old easy-1 become easy-2.. old easy-2 become easy-3. Please leave your feedback.
  • easy-1 it’s legacy ex-singleplayer maps which you are familiar if you played RoM campaign. atm we have there draft maps, which will be improved in future.
  • removed bags which spawns on map (‘free items’) – thanks @Kobik for implementation
  • please note that leather armour on easy-1 maps gives more defense that it’s written on item descriptions
  • shield spell effect on easy-1 prolonged
  • all monstes on easy-1 map drop leather armour (kill squirrels and wolfs to “craft” your first armour!)

Do you recognize this place? 🙂

To the left is RoM2, first campaign mission… and to the right – our new intro map… long years past from the moment when Skrakan’s Tower stood in that place.. but his ghost still dwells there. Maybe he’s got something to tell you?

– now new characters starts with 0 skill (thanks @Kobik for implementation)
– you do not loose exp upon death on first server
– you do not drop items upon death on thist server
– other player’s healing turned on on first map

tip: when you start a new warrior class you may find hard to playing him at the start. Try to buy scrolls of healing 🙂 They cost only 50g and will help you immensely

Please update client: download from the website or just unpack this archieve to game folder

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