The new MMORPG by igroglaz

My new project is a text-based idle sandbox MMORPG. A couple of dates to start with, just so I don’t forget.

January 5, 2023 – started learning Go language. Before that, I spent a long time studying cs50 and a couple of years coding Tangaria in C.

February 15 – first commit to a new project.

March 11 (almost a month later): I implemented the base – figured out http, sessions, cookies, made alpha  idle gameplay.

Now, after another month (today April 13) – made two testing gameplay models and the map… at the map there are several layers and quite a lot of work. Plus a lot of things I redo, optimize. I constantly have to rename variables, because I don’t fully understand the final product and do everything “on the fly”. As a result code becomes a mess and after implementing another feature I have to straighten it out by string.

Now I am actually finishing the map. It’s ready (already rendered in UI, you can walk around and stuff), but I think to make it more complicated and do it all “straight from scratch”. I hope I do not regret it.

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