[TomeNET] Control problems: bottles, /fill, wrong glyph bug

TomeNET in compare to other roguelike games got almost perfect user experience in terms of keyboard controls. Having ‘last’ object’ option made life so much easier and I wanna say HUGE thanks for devs for adding it. But having fixed major controls problems exposed tiny problems which we didn’t notice before.. And now when you play – you notice them all the time and they really mess gameplay enjoyement.

We could call this “3 potion’s problems”:

1) Empty bottles are not for sale.

Currently it’s not possible to get an empty bottle, except /empty another potion. It could look like a ‘tiny’ problem at 1st glance, but actually it’s quite annoying for people who using emtpy bottles to fill them from fountains. Why is it bad:

1) it’s not logical at all – why players should buy ‘useful’ potions (of resist, light wounds & etc) and then empty them to get any empty bottle. Emtpy bottles should be much more easier to get than potions itself.
2) players has to spend time by /empty bottles. I got a macro for it, but even with it’s pretty annying. Lets multiply time which _all_ players spent on this kinda-UI problem and we would get pretty a lot of time wasted.

1) put ’emtpy bottles’ to ‘1’ general store
2) make price for empty bottle – 5-15 g. It would make sense. Light wounds cost 17 g; resist heat 33. Flask of oil cost 3 g, pint of fine ale 1g (you got it to inventory, so you have it kinda bottled/flasked). But we could say – ok, empty bottle for alchemy are special and should cost more than flasks for oid because they are made from ‘special’ glass.

Adding empty bottles to ‘1’ would save a lot of time and wouldn’t ‘break’ beauty of roguelike object operation – players would still use /empty command when filling potions from fountains  to purge them if it’s worthless potion.

2) Not getting slot glyph when /fill potion

Second, very annoying problem with not getting proper letter inventory slot when /fill’ing potion from fountain. Algorythm:
1) player has empty potions in inventory
2) player stands on tile with a fountain
3) player are using comman ‘/fill’
4) player got message in messages window, eg: 
You have a Clear Potion of Water {+,1}
it should be:
You have a Clear Potion of Water {+,1} (d)

By having this (d) in game messages – player could /empty (or inscribe, for throwing & etc) this potion very easily, without need to check inventory

3) ‘reordering’ inventory bug

This bug appears when player pich up item, but get wrong glyph slots in messages window, eg, you pick up item and get a message:

You have a Clear Potion of Water {+,1} (d)

But when you drink it – it appear that you drink different potion. I suppose it’s become so because of ‘reordering’ mechanism.

To solve it: maybe after inventory was reordered after player pick up potion, there should be yet another message which would show new, corrent glyph, eg, player pick up item and get this messages:

You have a Clear Potion of Water {+,1} (d)
Reorder: You have a Clear Potion of Water {+,1} (c)


Fixing this issues would make TomeNET control flawless :D

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