TomeNET open-world exploration

1) I tried to make some exploration in open-world, cause new server had all dungeons in random places. Actually it’s pretty fun to make such explorations, it feels very like playing Dwarf Fortress (where new world procedurelly generated every time). Just imagine it: MULTIPLAYER Dwarf Fortress :D People from all over the internet would come to play something like this. Smart procedure generation of open-world – it’s ingenious TomeNET feature.. Right now it’s kinda underestimated and unknown by most of players, but it could become one of main features at RPG-server and should be advanced far beyond! :D

It could be pretty interesting to make server reset over time, to shaffle all open-world locations. Maybe even re-shuffle world every week (please don’t throw stones at me yet, see below how to make it work properly). The open-world exploration could be regular activity!

2) To make exploration more interesting there could be added add more random encounters – monsters, pits with monsters..

The problem is: it’s pretty easy to run away from monstes in open-world. You just go to another sector – and you are safe (a least if there is nothing dangerous at another sector hehe).

As it’s quite impossible imho to make monster follow player to the next sector when player flee, we could do this:
– if player engaged in combat in open-world, ‘bind’ player for some time in current sector, so player can’t leave this location immediatelly. Actually right now we got quite close mechanics, but in terms of running – when player not in combat he could run faster x5, when player see active monster – you move with retular speed. In open-world this mechanics would look a bit different: when you engaged in combat – you can’t ‘pass’ sector line – and have to wait 30 seconds in combat; but if you kill enemy – then ‘bind’ would be released immideatelly and you could exit sectom right away.

Such mechanics would give wide possibilities to make open-world more real and interesting.

3) It would be neat if each sector would have lvl of danger, similar to one which I suggested for resource gathering some time ago

sector area 1 – spawn <lvl 10 monsters
sector area 2 – spawn up to lvl 20 monsters
sector area 9 – spawn up to lvl 90 monsters (but make it rare).. yay!
& etc… and don’t forget for OOD monsters too! :D

Also bind dungeon’s locations to appropriate sectors when world generated. So to find ‘Orc Cave’ dungeon newbie players wouldn’t need to go to sector 9 :D

4) Quests. Open-world at RPG server could be perfect ‘sandbox’ area for experiments with quests. At first, there could be simple random encounter-quests implemented – like you meet a caravan (or cart) which is under orcs attack. If you would save caravan master – he would reward you $.

And again – ‘bind’ quests to appropriate sectors (with very rare OOD quests, why not hehe).

5) To make it easier to find dungeons (it’s quite hard atm), territory near them could be occupied by monsters themed to this dungeon, like this:

Red dot – is sector with a dungeon, nearby has to be quite a lot of related monsters. Orange – sectors around dungeons sector – orc should be more common there, than other monsters; yellow – orcs could occasionally seen there.

6) Forbid bat-body characters at RPG-server (they too imba at <35 lvls and ruin open-world exploration)

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