TomeNET – the best MMORPG-roguelike game

TomeNET is open-source MMORPG-roguelike based at Tolkien lore. Some people call it real-time game, but actually it’s fast-paced turn-based game.

Why TomeNET is one of the best MMORPGs around?

  1. it’s roguelike+MMORPG. TomeNet combines the complexity and unpredictability of roguelike genre and all the possibilities of modern MMORPGs.
  2. It’s the only MMORPG game where you would meet the most incredible gameplay situations ever. It’s quintessence of RNG. Every dive to the dungeon isn’t like previous one!
  3. In this game your have to make REAL decisions which either would save your life either would lead you to the death. You should decide ‘how to solve’ this or that situation… You choose here and there – how to survive.
  4. Absolute roguelikish freedom of actions – throw, kick, search, dig… You could manipulate with objects around you in unique way – destroy/create walls, burn/chop/grow trees etc
  5. A lot of different options of gameplay: try different modes (EL, NE, IronMan, IDDCs), coop PvE, PvP, buy a house and create your own shop.. Soon ™ there would be resource gathering and crafting system!
  6. Each class got own style. To feel bottom of this game you should play all classes, they all give different feeling of gameplay, it’s amazing actually how deep this game is!

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