Throw items macro in Macro Wizard

UPDATE: this idea already in-game!

At IDDC and RPG-server, when you just start to play – it’s could be pretty useful to be able to throw weapons and potions to enemies. Sometimes I got several daggers and other blades in my inventory, but I’m not able to throw them in battle; cause I have to ‘prompt’ directions manually and it’s not a case when you fight with bunch of angry orcs :D

add macro to throw items to target closest monster. 

First you have to assign new key in Macro Wizard to throw items to the closest monster. Example: you assign it to F1 key. Then:
1) you push ‘F1’ key
2) game asks you which item do you wish to throw
3) you choose an item (a-z)
4) this item thrown to the closest enemy automatically

Also maybe add possibility to fast throw (to the closest enemies) items which were inscribed in certain way.

Actually I’m huge fan of throwing stuff in roguelike games; previous ideas about throwing-skill:

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