Tangar’s To-Do list

This is list of my current and past work to help TomeNet (http://tomenet.eu). Last time updated long time ago… Need to re-update 🙂

1) // DONE video-reviews RuEn 
2) // DONE streams RuEn
3) // DONE “call for players” videos ru1ru2ru3ru4 // en1en2en3en4
4) short (2 minutes) video tutorial with basics in English and in Russian (based at http://www.tomenet.eu/getting-started.php )
5) TomeNet video trailer (2 minutes) in English and in Russian. Idea of trailer – show glyphs become monsters.. D become dragon, p – mage & etc
6) TomeNet gameplay trailer // IN PROGRESS en YASTsru YASTs, need more compilations of great moments
7) Total newbie guide // IN PROGRESS Russian

1) // DONE draw decorative font 16×24
2) // DONE port fonts from Windows to Linux
3) // DONE create font 21×31 to get rid of VirtualBox scaling
4) // DONE create graphical font 21×31
5) // DONE create different sizes of graphical font

Addon – make Windows gameplay comfortable:
1) // DONE borderless
2) // DONE no headers
3) // DONE fullscreen (always-on-top mode)
4) // DONE “alt”-problem
5) // DONE cut certain areas of windows
6) // DONE to remove duplication of last game message (thanks to devs!)

Texts and articles:
1) // DONE TomeNet article-review in Russian
2) // DONE TomeNet article-review in English
2) // DONE guides in Russian
3) article-story about TomeNet adventures

1) links in wikipedia IN PROGRESS ru, en – done; need to go another languages
2) // DONE promo at forums
3) moar links to the game at roguelike resources

Music and sounds
1) check which music themes are wrong licenced (some of current game music are not free – youtube restrict video with it)
2) // DONE create soundpack from Diablo-UO-M&M music
3) create music theme for TomeNet // IN PROGRESS
4) add or generate sounds (different sound for each type of breath, paralize & etc). Healing spell for druid…

1) help to fill Quests system with quests. Idled cause we need web-interface to fill this system.
2) help to fix tiles. there are two ways of fixing tiles – Necklace of the Eye (suspended) and fix original graphics.

Do not forget to…
– ask to start another competition like this: http://www.tomenet.eu/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=676 after new font implemented

New idea – to add atmospheric sounds… like music, but sounds of caves, dungeons… blow of the wind, drops of water from ceilings…

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