[to game developers] Youtuber at your service! I would be glad to make ‘first impression’ stream for your game!

Hi ho! This is suggestion to roguelike and game developers in general. I’m mainly play MMORPG games and I’m not biggest expert in roguelikes, but I enjoy this genre for a long time. I’ve tried NetHack ~ 20 years ago; then after long break I return back to roguelikes ~5 years ago. I’m making videos about my adventures at my English (https://youtube.com/Tangaria) ) and Russian (https://youtube.com/StreamGuild) ) youtube channels.

For now I regularly play mainly @ TomeNET, but also enjoying traditional roguelikes. So far I tried and made videos about:
– Rogue 
– Moria
– NetHack
– Tome4
– DoomRL
– Brogue
– WazHack
– Dungeons of Dredmor
– Dwarf Fortress
– Darkest Dungeon
– Pixel Dungeon
– Crypt of the Necrodancer
– Barony
– Sunless Sea
– …and my favorite one – TomeNET  

Maybe I forgot something, sorry.

So.. I’ll be glad to play your roguelike game, to make first impressions video and maybe several streams. Why? Cause I like to learn new games; newbie time is the best, the most interesting gameplay experiense in any game. Also I like to help and support indie developers – and it’s pretty useful for developer to see how other players looking at their games for the first time 8D

My email: igroglaz <dog> gmail <dot> com , feel free to send an ‘invitation’; or via steam tangar

Cya in-game! 

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