Ultima Online server WITHOUT macroses

I started to play UO in 1999. In that time we didnt had any macroses exept, maybe UOLOOP. And we raised skills mostly by our hands. Do you remember, guys, bone room in Deceit? Its how we actually gained our skills that time… A lot of fun and PKs  It was REAL UO.

I do not like unnatented sparryings. I do not like macroing which killed a lot of fun in UO. At Rel Por its better than @ other servers (no afk-resource-gathering), but there is REAL possibility to return REAL Ultima Online with this capcha system, applied to all skills. Macro = ban. Then this server would be REALLY different. OSI didn’t had capcha and couldn’t ban macrosers – it was very-very rare if somebody would report you. All people macroing at OSI. There, at Rel Por, we could stop that.What we got:
1) right now skill gains is quite severe. you need to macro A LOT to get you skills gained. Its made cause of macro system is allowed. Skill gain could be much more often if there wouldn’t be macroses.
2) still macroing is dull. its pointless cause you just burn energy of your computer to gain skills which everyone could gain the same – without playing actually. its dull. 
3) there is GREAT anti-auto-gathering capcha system (http://relporuo.com/systems/crafting/re … gathering/). cure is already there! 8)
4) why not to use this anti-afk-macro system for ALL kinds of activity? to ban-jail for macroses? Then everybody would ACTUALLY play the game, not macro it. Like we did in the end of 90′. It was really special time. It could resurrect interest to UO for A LOT of players.

Concept: actually you could macro, but you has to be near computer to complete capcha. Capcha appears after certain numbers of actions (walking, taking an item, fighting & etc). If you just chatting there wouldn’t be capcha, no need to harass with it. So.. if you are already at computer – why to macro? You could actually PLAY the game. Go to Deceit. Build a bone wall!

Bonus: for each time when you complete capcha – gain +0.1 skill… or get 1 donation point. Whatever. Just a small, but nice bouns. With this players would be very glad to put-in capcha every time 😉

// Discuss!

I used huge amount of macroses and bots in my life and wrote some of them by myself. Not proud of it, just wanna clarify that I do not like macroses not because I can’t use them 🙂

Also there is a problem with easyuo scripts (I know that they are forbidden, but still) which could hunt monsters while in afk. The only cure is PKs (thanks god you are there, guys! %) who could kill hunting bots. But even PKs can’t patrol all day – bots could hunt 24/7 and have huge profits… So current Rel Por anti-macro system isn’t totally effective VS such stuff.. It could ruin economy eventually. If there would be capcha for all actions – if would save economy from any kind of problems.

Current macro system also would need an upgrade in future, cause it could be potentially auto-recognized.. Recently I’ve meet very good capcha system in RPG MO (google this game, its not a competitor to UO really, so its not an advert). They build-in google capcha and it was very effective 😉 Google capcha also could be auto-completed, but it would be very hard to script if there would be two kinds of capcha in the game – Rel Por and google 😉 But its in far future, right now Rel Por is quite good protected… ;D

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