Devilian guides

In this topic I’ll post my video guides for Devilian   Please if you wanna to see a guide about something – just reply to this topic with a demand – I’ll make a guide for you 


Account VALIDATION (so f2p account could have mail, auction, whisper in chat & etc)


CLASS guide

Guide to GOLD farming




Resistance #2: elements guide — SECRET about resistances

Devilian form

Proficiency guide

Daily Quests Guide

Auction guide and how to earn gold there

PvP guide

RUNES guide (devilian form)

PvE guide

Evoker class guide

Abyss Tower guide


Titles guide

Infinite Hunting Grounds

“devilian” enchaning guide

DEX guide

Guild guide

Shuddering Gorge dungeon

Devilian Fast leveling GUIDE video

Its possible to get 52 lvl for a 1 day (8-12 hours of constant playing.

Ways to fast lvl in Devilian:
1) quests
2) daily dungeons and IHG (rift/elites)
3) dungeon tickets

Devilian RUNES guide (devilian form)

Devilian Rune Slotting guide. All types of runes:

Valor Rune – damage +2-5%
Luck Rune – 2-5% chance to cancel Devilian Power Cost
Life Rune – restores % Health on player kills
Explosion Rune – fallen 50% chance of exploding 20-50% skill damage
Vitality Rune (middle) – CD -.3sec, devilian power cost -1, devilian Power +1
Focus – crit chance +2-5%
Rampage – 2-5% cancel CD
Moderation – % to cancel CD with each hit
Chaos – abnormal status duration +0.2 sec

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