Das Tal — sandbox mmorpg

Hi ho, catguys!

Its beign a long time from my first stream 🙂 Just a few minutes ago I’ve just finished my second one; its like “Twenty Years After” (by Alexandre Dumas):

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs_o6jE5O4k (its in Russian)

General impression:
Huge step forward. Awesome interface. Fight system is more dinamic then before and I like it.

My humble suggestions:
1) for a new player FFA PvP its too harsh cause of non-stop ganking. May be create Red Team VS Blue Team (as it was at first test) for a new players? I’m playing alone and for me its really hard to have any progress in game. First hours in-game has to be newbie-friendly.
2) its not understandable where to get resources, for example wood. As a player without clan I can’t claim territory (ok, I could steal resources from clans). But new players who would login just to try the game do not know much. So I think its quite essential to create newbie FAQ with common questions about resources, game progress & etc.
3) Does Das Tal not friendly for solo players? You can’t claim resources.. You do not have any allies.. Its quite important question. Is there any possibilities to play solo and have fun? May be add new players to somekind of “faction” if they do not have clan? With some taxes there (like a NPC corps in Eve online). So newbies would have some allies when they start playing.

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