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Lets disscuss RPG MO ( rpg.mo.ee ). This game reminds us about the past, about the affairs of bygone days, when we conquered expanses of RuneScape and Ultima Online. Kings Bounty-style pixel art, tense full-loot and a beautiful sandbox economy would not leave you indifferent!

Yes, this is how games used to look years ago (I mean graphics). So we got there game with awesome oldschool pixel-art look and modern MMO mechanics and advanced economy model  Quite hardcore game – if you would die – you would loose everything except 2 items (the most valuable ones).

Not everybody would understand fun of this game – this game require to have some imagination. I’ve made review of RPG MO:

So.. What do you think about RPG MO? 

My suggestions about RPG MO:

Market suggestions

1) add separate filter for “fish” cause 3/4 Market in “materials” is different fish. Very hard to monitor REAL resources (ore, wood & etc).
2) add separate filter “reagents” – to exclude alchemy stuff from “materials” (the same problem as above)
3) add buttom “Back”. Now we got only “forward” ——->>> (increase value). Would be awesome to have <<<———-
4) Make Market “remember” what you searched after you create “new offer”
5) make default option “fast sell”. So when you wanna sell item, let there would be 1 click option to sell it to any person who buying it for best price immideately. So default option would be “sell items to people who buy items” (cheaper, but fast). And if there are no buyers or if you wanna sell it manually for your price – you could just change price and it would go to different mode – to create your own offer.
5) manual search  (this suggestion posted @ forum 100500 times, so just to remind about it hehe)

premium account bonuses

Atm premium account bonuses in quite nothing. The only one benefit is access to US server, which I and all EU people dont need 

What we could have as bonus which wouldn’t make game Pay2Win? It has to be MINIMAL bonuses, to save game from injustice. But it has to give people, who support the game something.

1) +1 item to preserve after death. Make PoP “save” only 4 items (now its 5) and 1 item would be possible to save via premium account. In this way it wouldn’t influence game at all, but people would willing to have premium. So without PoP it would be 3 items saved upon death.
2) additional 8 slots for inventory. Lets premium users have additional line in inventory, while prem is active (after it deactivated, items could be send via market). Its not really influence the game also, but its nice bonus.
3) +5 slots at Market when prem active. Another nice bonus, which don’t make much sense to the game balance.

I wanna mention again – now there is no point at all to buy premium. Only to support the game, BUT we could support the game by buying items from MOS store. So premiun atm is totally waste of MOS (better to buy any items from store, the go premium). WHY premium is important to be useful? Because it good way to support game not just at the moment (when you buy item for MOS 1 time) but also continue support through months and years. Its good to have some crumbs of rewards for support 

Bonuses from professions

Lets crafting skills would give some bonuses in damage to certain type of weapons:

Mining +damage to maces (hammer, scepters…)
Woodcutting +damage with axes
Fishing +dmg to fencing (daggers, spears…)
Forging +damage to swords
Alchemy +damage to magic
…may be even more (farming to pitchforks lol!..)

For example, damage bonus could be +25% at 100 skill // discuss

It would give people who go crafting a lot, some progress in fighting also. And another thing – people would choose weapon type and would go in one crafting skill for it – it would be awesome for the game economy (diversification). So more people would go to 130 one skill than 100 every crafting skill… We would have miners, lumberjacks, blacksmithes.. Not only crafters all-for-nothing like right now 

Reputation & Faction systems – PvE rewards and group PvP

PART ONE – PvE reputation system:

Reputation system
1) add system of reputation binded to locations
2) every time when you kill monster at certain map you get certain point of reputation. In main cases killing 1 mob gives you 10 point. For weak mobs (like chickens) it could be for example, 2 points.
3) Some cities don’t like another. Heaven don’t like Hell for example. So when you gain 1 point of reputation in Heaven, you loose 1 point in Hell. Reputation could go to minus (-10000 for example). 

How it influence to the world:
1) When you have certain level of reputation, you could have access to special NPC who selling stuff. You have to pay gold + points of reputation for it.
2) Reputation gives you discount in cities shops.
3) High reputation gives you access to restricted areas of the map

Prototype of reputation levels (example, all values has to be rebalanced):

7 Lord 5.000.000
6 Glorious 1.000.000
5 Exalted 500.000
4 Revered 250.000
3 Honored 100.000
2 Respectable 50.000
1 Friendly 1000
0 Neutral
-1 Unfriendly
-2 Disreputable
-3 Hostile
-4 Hated
-5 Sinister
-6 Dread
-7 Enemy

PART TWO – group PVP system:

Faction system – for group PvP battles.
There are could be TWO main Great factions – Dark and Light (may be even add thierd – Neutral). Every location, every reputation related to one of them. 
“Dark” is Hell, Narwa, Walco, Dungeon locations & etc
“Light” is Heaven, Clouds, Cesis, Reval, Dorpat & etc

There is a group PvP battle every 30 minutes at Ethernal Arena with two sides – Dark and Light. You could queue to this battle to fight for your side. Faction which win this team battle receive exp buff +50% (for example) for their faction for 30 minutes. Also you receive faction points (more for winning, less for loosing) which you could spend @ faction vendors for awesome rewards.

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