[new skill] Throwing-mastery for roguelike

One of the best roguelike feature – a lot of freedom in manipulation with objects. And the most fun there that you can throw anything. But while I play TomeNet I do not see much interest in it cause it doesn’t really useful (exept death pots).

Its a pity, cause the most interesting for me when I played Nethack was to collect items for throwing. Actually its my favorite style of playing roguelike game – finding items which is good for throwing and then.. quite logical – throw them in to the enemies  So I got an idea of a new, unique skill for TomeNet. This skill quite good for online roguelike game imho, because it shows advantage of roguelike freedom in compare to other RPGs. So…


What this skill influence?
– It increase power and accuracy when you throw an item.
– It increase critical hit chance – you have more chances to hit enemy in head (if creature has it).
– Each throw has very small chance to be fatal one (you hit an eye, if creature has one). Chance increases with higher skill.
– At high skill it give possibility to throw several items at once. At 20 its two items, at 40 – 3 items. 
– Also you throw items much farther then characters not skilled in art of throwing.
– Potions which you threw in to the enemy has increased effect.
– Items which you throw has some chances to return to your hand. At 10 skill its 10%, at 50 skill its 50%.
– Your projectiles could pierce enemy (chance increases with higher skill).
– You could use “shiver armour” ability which reflect enemy melee/ranged attacks for 10 seconds at 30 skill (close to spell Kinetic Shield http://www.tomenet.eu/guide.php?chapter … hield#r741 )
– You could levitate at 50 skill.
– Also maybe share there some bonuses from Martial Arts… Its fun to be ninja, isn’t it? 

What I could throw?
Everything  But especially effective daggers, axes, small swords… Heavy items also nice – they make huge damage, but at small distance. Stones also good thing, especially magical ones  Potions are always good to go.

How to add even more fun into throwing:
If you throw item which you found in dungeon (didn’t buy it from NPC or get from any other source) – it give you 50% bonus to damage. So people would try to get good items for throwing while they fight in dungeon. Its fun to be scavenger and throw items which you find. Better then just buy items.

at the beginning I had an idea of proposing Thrower class (or Scavenger – as I called him at first). But I suppose that it would be fun to give all characters/classes possibility to throw  It would be interesting to create a hybryd classes with throwing 

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