Most underestimated skills – how to make them useful

TomeNet has some skills which need rebalancing, cause nobody using them. The most unpopular skills are:


I dont think that there are any character who put any points in it. How to fix it? Add some benefits!

Swimming. Lets it would be defencive-like skill with some speed bonuses.
– add water resistance at 20
– add poison resistance at 30
– add acid resistance at 40
– add water immunity at 50
– add some speed (as sneakiness): +1 every 15 points (+3 at 50).

Climbing. The same as swimming, but different resists.
– add feather falling resistance at 20
– add para resistance 30
– add levitation at 40
– add nexus at 50
– add some speed (as sneakiness): +1 every 15 points (+3 at 50).

– add darkness resistance at 20
– add blindness resistance at 30
– add shards resistance at 40
– add sound resistance at 50
– add some speed (as sneakiness): +1 every 15 points (+3 at 50).

With this resistance at least some players would think about taking this skills.

.Dodging skill. Its also dull a bit. It was buffed recently, but its not enough. There are much better options that dodging. How we could make it more interesting?

Lets give dodging skill a special fighting technique “Shadow Dance” which give bonus to speed for a 10 seconds. It would make sence. At 10 skill you have +2 speed, at 50 skill you have +7 speed (as full sneakiness bonus).

Next block of skills also very unpopular.

.Aura of Fear 
.Shivering Aura 
.Aura of Death

All necromancy block has to be buffed somehow. Now its used only to restore mana for mages, thats it. 

add Darkness resistance at 20 skill
add Nether resistance at 50 skill

Give bonus for warriors, archers & etc. Lets it restore HP if you hit monster with physical damage (like vampirism).
add Hold Life at 30 skill

.Aura of Fear 
Make it useful for long ranged classes like archers, mages & etc. 
add fear resist at 20
add buff to your physical defence at 30 skill
add bonus to your saving throw at 40 skill

.Shivering Aura
add cold resistance at 20
add shards resistance at 30
add additional bonus damage at 40

.Aura of Death
Plasma resistance at 40 (so its fire,lightning and sound resist)

With this bonuses necromancy would become something more interesting and players would finally use it in their builds.

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