[suggestion] Share exp in dungeon even without party

Right now we got a huge problem in multiplayer interactive system. Just take a look at it:


When I meet anyone in dungeon – I got feeling of frustruation. Why? Because I get less experience while someone else at the level (he kill monsters -> I got nothing). Its especially critical at low-mid level of progress. Everytime when someone around – I’m trying to go to another lvl asap to get full exp from lvl.So every unexpected meeting in dungeon is not welcomed. You have to add another player to party and not all want to join party, some people already in party… Its bad for multiplayer game to get frustruation from other players meeting. System has to be opposite – if you meet someone – you have to ge cheerful and happy about it.

So what I propose – share experience for players even if they are not in party. It would give people more joy to meet each other in the dungeon.

2) EL & NE. Brothers or foes?

Second, separate suggestion: everlasting and normal characters. Right now they do not have any joint activity. Even if first idea would be implemented, NE and EL would be frustrated to meet each other in the dungeon. But why no to give common experience to them with some penalties?

Lets imagine that here are group of everlasting and normal character going together. Algorithm:
1) if everlasting character kill monster – give EL char 100% of exp and normal character 50%
2) if normal character kill monster – give EL char 50% of exp and normal char 100%

It gives at least some point of beign together and not be frustruated when you meet another player in dungeon. This % of exp could be scaled by levels, so at high levels (40+) this % could be lower (like 15-20%), so people wouldn’ harrass this system and ruin game economy. Also loot would be still EL/NE. Share a bit of exp, thats it 

//please discuss!

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