Limiting storage in houses @ roguelike games

Restriction to put items in a house – is very bad thing for multiplayer roguelike game. It’s wrong design. Roguelike compexity comes from “the dungeon” – not from item managament “on the surface”! There is a restriction for items which player could take with him. And it’s right. But storage restrictions won’t change game much, just make it more annoying and remove possibility for new players to trade between each other.

The idea of this restriction comes from Mang and TomeNET. But there are allowed several players on one account – so this restriction makes players harder to cheeze there by moving items from one char to another. This is outdated and wrong mechanics.

Take a look at T’s YASDs. There are plenty of them. They comes not from housing space, but from the dungeon roguelikish situations. Having restricted space outside of the dungeons doesn’t make game easier.

And regulation gold income for player by making player spend it on house – also outdated mechanics. We got gold table so we could perfectly balance gold income to make game ideally hard.

Please take a look on this aspect under new angle 🙂 There just no point to make item restrictions outside of dungeon. At the same time having a lot of space makes trading between player easier and also makes easier ‘item managment’ – the worst thing in keyboard-based games..

Also lets take a look into logic and world’s lore. House is huge. Having one item there on 1 spot is just silly. While character inventory is more or less realistic (weight of items and their numbers), house storage restriction is nonsense. You could put 100500 items in house, it’s huge 🙂 If your character could hold 23 items, why floor cant hold them?

So whole picture – game balance, game UI, usability and comfort; logic and lore; trading stimulation..

There are some MMO games with houses. Not any of them got such restriction. Eg in Ultima Online (the most famous housing-MMO) – there is 255 items restriction per container. 255, Carl! 🐻

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