Battle Legion: Mr.Stinkins adventures

=== Mr.Stinkins, the second shieldbearer squad, Master’s Igroglaz army (#pgue). ===

Hi. If you read this diary – it means I’m dead.

Yep. No worries though. I’ll resurrect soon. Reincarnate I mean. It’s the way it is in the Eternal Battlefields.

So. If you find this diary – please return it back to me (address is on top of this manuscript) so I’ll be able to continue my notes.

I am a shieldbearer. I’ve got a shield, you know. And spear. Damn. My spear is quite rusty already, can’t wait for the Master to finally upgrade my squad to level 7. Every upgrade you receive new equipment.. and underwear – which is very important if you run all day like a mad after stealthy assassins.

I hate assassins. They often killed me when I was on the rear side of the squad. Luckily after we had a new recruit at past squad level up – now I moved closer to the center and finally could take my revenge on this stealthy beasts. Anyway, let me start my diary…

Day 1:
Master got new archer skin. Our lads laughed and called girls – “Little Red Riding Hoods”.. But to tell the truth – I envy their new garments.. My woolen jacket full of holes from enemy blows. Master, come on, upgrade us!

Day 2:
Darn. Whole day our squad sitting in reserve. So dull and boring. And the master playing these stupid Righteous Defenders build. They sneer at us.. But we’ll see.. I hear Gods will rebalance them soon. The good thing about being idle – I was able to sew up my clothes a bit.

Day 3:
Trader brought wagon with a giant toad. Darn, it’s almost swallowed Ted, my best mate from the squad.

Day 4:
Master experiments with the builds. Finally, we are in! Ted tried to ride the toad, but it butted him right up to enemies Pylon. Ted got a reward for heroism – new socks. He gave me his old ones, I use them to scare away enemy crows.

Day 5:
Master give up on attempts to tame Jasmin (it’s how we called our toad). Winrate went down. Back to stupid RDs.

Day 6:
All-day played cards with Hammer Throwers inside Battle Wagon.

Day 7:
Still playing cards.. Ted went to invite girls (our archers). The Brute went for booze.. Party will start soon. Lets stupid RDs fights when we have fun HAHAHA!

Day 8:
*hic* in full swing of our party Master decided to try a new build – RDs with Wagon. He didn’t know that we had a party there.. We all, not at all too sober, were sent right into the middle of undead swarm. Brute panicked, but luckily our Wagon hit mushrooms and we continues the party back at our side while RDs dealt with legions of undead.. *hic* Mushrooms are tasty..

Day 9:
Master sent the Flower to cure our hangover. I hate this brainwash! But still.. Feeling clean, ready for battle!

Day 10:
Finally Master came back to traditional build. After every win, our Frost Wizard makes an ice-cream for the whole legion! Yammy..

Day 11:
We got a task to answer some questions for a Gods contest. Master said that who will manage to ask them correctly – will get squad upgrade. As I’m the only person who could write among my fellas, I’ll write it down there:

“Tell a story of your Legion.”

– Erm.. It’s better to ask the Master. Anyway – in the world where we dwell there are several dimensions – Order, Chaos, Nature, and other realms (maybe even more, I dunno). Our Master is.. master of the realm, demigod. He protects it from others – because on the borders of our world there is a huuuuge multidimensional battlefield – Eternal Battlefields. Master said that Universe looks like a cheese – with a lot of holes, connected to each other. All the time our world (with its realms) got attacked by different enemies and monsters. Our Master protects our world from destruction.

“What is the origin of your legion?”

– I’m not sure. But when Master came to my village and asked: “Who want to live forever and do not pay taxes?” – I was among a few fools who forgot the tale – free honey can only be found in a beartrap. So I’ve become a part of the Legion. But I don’t regret it. After all – if not us – who will protect the realm?

“Why and for what is it fighting on the Eternal Battlefields?”

– As I said, the border of our world is not stable and occasionally there are portals opened from other realms and terrifying stuff appears out of there. So we have to protect our world from destruction and conquest from other Masters.

“Who leads Your legion?”

– The Master. Our Master is the best. I heard that other masters force their troops to clean the battlefield after the battle. Our Master got Season Pass – so we got a special team of zombies-janitors for this! Also, our master gives us a barrel of ale every weekend!

“What adventures and challenges it faced?”

– Oooh. So much to tell, but I hear the horn!.. Can’t write atm, the battle will start soon! I would just mention that once I was carried out flying to the other part of the battleground by our drunk valkyrie.. When I landed – I appeared right on top of Untamed Beast. I don’t recall was it our beast or their. Anyway, not much difference.. I managed to survive because of this beast run right into freezing trap guarded by our dogs. Thanks to our Master’s great tactics! I bet it wasn’t random, but well thought out plan!.. Oops. Sorry, got to run! I hear the drums – TIME TO BATTLE!

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