Roguelike quest system

Quest system isn’t present in V because quests are not really good suited in *bands, good analytics about it there.

In addition in PWMA (and Tangaria) there are more problems:
– in PWMA quests influencing V-based economy (not too much though because of a lot of RNG in completing it/reward).
– quests to kill certain enemy are just boring.
– players often forget to take quests as it’s very rare to complete them and you got dull rewards; most just play without them

Those problems came because quests in roguelike games often implemented like in traditional MMO/RPG-quests (kill 5 chickens, bring 5 ribs), while it should have it’s own, roguelikish type of quests – to encourage players to have an adventure, with a proper risk VS rewards rate.

/rfe to improve quests and to encourage players to play in more roguelikish way – implement this minimalistic (and yet deep) system:

Retrieve an ancient relic fragment from the dungeon vault // reward: gold
– every (or some) dungeon will have an item which could appear only in the vault on the bottom level of the dungeon. It won’t appear often (as vaults appear not too often) – so you’ll have to look for it. Sounds like a good adventure;
– at low player’s lvls such relics will appear in small vaults, while at end-game only in Great vaults;
– after you pick up this item – you can not use ‘Word of Recall’ scroll. So you _have to_ get back with this relic using stairs (which is quite dangerous). So it’s like an optional way to turn the dungeon into NO_RECALL;
– while you holding this relic – there is a tiny chance to summon monsters around you (minor curse of summoning from V) – it makes way back more fun!

Actually this type of quests come from _original_ – from ‘Rogue’ where the player had to retrieve Amulet of Yendor and bring it to the surface. Oldies, but goldies. This is the right truly roguelikish quest system.

– to encourage players to get into the vaults and take the risk
– strong anti-cheezing (vaults provide it)
– easy to rebalance (to set certain gold amount as reward and rebalance it with gold drop table)
– these quests are still optional, so you could play without getting into quest hunt if you don’t want to get additional risks
– adding variability; some dungeons will be easier to complete, some are harder. Sometimes if you will kill everything on sight you will have too much exp to visit all dungeons – so you will need to play more strategically, sometimes to avoid battles. It’s adding yet another strategy to ‘win’ the game – like with completing all available quests (to do it you will need to spend a lot of gold for consumables, but you will get additional money back after completing quests) OR avoiding quests (be more economical in terms of consumables in general). 
– make the game deeper and bring back some traditional Yendor’ish flavour  – as there appears yet another goal and challenge – to complete all quests – gather the whole Relic from fragments 🙂

So.. The idea is to give additional motivation for players to get into the vaults. As right now *bands are quite winnable without getting your foot in most vaults. Quest=vault=NO_RECALL could be really good way to solve this problem.

Comments from the V community:

fph: no-recall part sounds incredibly boring to me. How is “climb up by finding 54 sets of stairs ond 54 levels that have no challenging monsters” supposed to be fun?

In my variant there are separate dungeons which are mostly ~7-10 lvls deep (and only one quite deep – `Angband` which is 25). So it’s alright there.

But even in deeper dungeons it could be fun.. As you are not simply finding stairs, but actually have a cursed item in your backpack which summon monsters upon you sometimes – what makes gameplay quite harcore and fast-paced. In 99.9999% players do not mess with items which have such curses on them, but actually it could be really great to have such adventure.

Another way to solve the problem of deep dungeons (could work even in V): make NO_RECALL work only for 5-7 levels, after which you could recall back. Eg:

1) you took a relic
2) you have two curses on it – NO_RECALL (last 5 levels) and SUMMON (different relics could have different curses – some will summon demons, some undeads, etc). Hm maybe even add there moar curses – like siren, aggro, etc (not at once, but make every relic different).
3) now you can’t recall back until you will take 5 stairs up. When you did it – curse removed, you are free to go

Also it’s optional quest.. so you could just abandon it if it’s too harsh.


Also.. It will be fun to make it possible to take quests when you speak with certain NPC (terrain flag) – eg in T it could be Decard Coin. It will bring more immersion to the game – like you got a real quest from NPC, not just pushed ^Q key.

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  1. LordL says:

    I can also suggest making quests about saving kidnapped people from dungeon. For example, a mother in some surface location tells you that monsters have kidnapped her child/children and that they are in dungeon X. Now you need to find them and bring back. But this is a lot harder than just bringing back an item. A kid acts similar to a pet, follows you through the dungeon but their fighting skills are either none or very small. You must protect this child because he can also be killed by monsters which counts as a fail. You may use lots of means to save them: cast useful buffing/protecting/teleporting spells, give them some of your items (but keep in mind that kids are very easily burdened) that they may use. Also that provides a nice explanation of why you cannot use recall since it only saves you but not the kid. Btw how are you going to explain why you can’t use recall while holding a relic?

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