[Battle Legion] #oldwagonsystem and player’s cycle

With a new system devs shoot them selves in the *foot* (also shooting *Greenfoot*.. hold on, bro!) – instead of unique (compared to other games) wagon system they adopted common marketing-based timers. At first I wanna share some FAQ info for new players, who donno about past wagon system changes:

#oldwagonsystem movement

Previously, before 8 update there was wonderful system – you could open all 3 wagons at once, without waiting timer. Algorythm was:

1) fight several times to collect keys for wagons

2) right after you collected keys – open wagons (you could open 3 at once)

3) wait several hours so wagons will respawn; then you could enter the game anytime to fight a bit to open a wagon if it was respawned or could just enter once per 12 hours to open three wagons, to be sure not to miss any.

Recently there was a change to wagons which added there a timer, so it’s now often situation when you need to login the game strictly every 4 hours to open a wagon.

#oldwagonsystem movement goal is to bring devs attention to this problem.


Now some thoughts over it to devs:

Could players ‘live’ with new wagon system? Yes, they could. As in a lot of other mobile games with timed chests. It’s bearable. Annoying, but bearable. But will players stay for long with such timer wagon system which increase stress upon a player? Old wagon system was very relaxing and it was good for long-term gameplay, for months and years to come. New system may work better in terms of monetization on short-term basis, but after a while players will be tired from the game and quit – when player needs to remember to login to the game every morning, at dinner, before going to sleep – it’s bad thing. Players will get tired from it and quit, even if player like this game a lot.

New wagons will reduce playing cicle. Instead of building up loyal player base which are willing to bring the word about this game to friends, support developers and buy stuff for years to come – new system makes focus on making new players to pay faster; thought they will eventually get tired from opening wagons every on timer and quit the game.

In comparison to CR and some other games, Battle Legion is much less stressful game. This game is for certain kind of player – who likes to do not haste, who like to construct staff, to experiment, to find new ways without hustle. Such kind of player quite different from CR players which has fast-paced gameplay based at your reaction, where every battle is pretty stressful; so getting a bit more stress for CR players from stupid chest timers is meh; while for tranquil BL player it could be too much. Whats good for CR – could be deadly for BL.

This game got huge potential, please don’t let in decline.

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