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Warriors of Waterdeep guide for new players by TTjiong:

This is a general guideline to take you from 2 member party to average party level 8 (Use of Epic items) // assuming F2P

Party formation


1. You are starting with Cleric and Wizard.
2. The next two characters to get is Fighter and Warlock, to complete the colour pie.
3. The fifth character to get is Ranger, to replace Wizard.
4. Then, it is up to you.

1. There are daily quest require one of each type (colour). You can only “redraw” a daily quest once per day. However, since “redrawing” doesn’t guarantee a better quest, sometimes it is better to keep this quest, hence, comeplete the colour pie first.
2. Fighter is very tankable, even with just Common gear, Warlock is more like a wild card to fill the hole in your party.
3. Ranger can hit 3 zone with Epic weapon, which Wizard can only do that with LEGENDARY, so replace Wizard with Ranger when you can. Once your Ranger gets his Epic bow (The outlander), he can just stand in the corner and shot.
4. For the rest of the party, Barbarian has a good common to disarm (Maul), and a lot of self heal / Life drain, Bard healing is not as good as Cleric but can be use as a ranged attacker, Rogue is tricky to use, more like a glass cannon boss killer, and need time to setup killing blow. I will add them as the order here.
5. Even the party level, don’t just play your favourite classes.
6. In long run, you split all of them into two groups of one colour each but by then, you should not need this guide.

1. Sell everything, you will need each gold piece later.
2. Do not buy anything EXCEPT LEGENDARY.
3. Keep all gems to trade for gold, try to do the 500 gem for 10k gold if possible.
4. Don’t waste gem on revive.

1. With a few exception, Epic is usually better than Uncommon, and uncommon is better than Common.
2. Level you common until you get uncommon, switch.
3. Sell the gears even if you are using them.

Non Epic items to keep (partial list):
1. Cleric Common head gear (Moon’s Circlet): The best healing even into late game, you want to heal more often, once every 3 turn is about right.
2. Ranger Common head gear (Ranger’s hood): Out damage epic version.
3. Rogue Common side arm (Thieves tools): More bonus damage.
4. Bard: Common side arm (Lute): For full healer mode.

Which item to choose:
1. Effect: Disarm and Stun are almost the same, immobile is useless for front row monsters.
2. -AC is better on boss fight.
3. Move with a % to attack is minimal.
4. Forget about restore.
5. Regeneration is good.
6. Boosted damage is better than +Attack.
7. Injure (Damage over time) is not so good, you want to clear mob ASAP.
8. Forget about Stealth.

1. Keep unlocking box, save 8h+ boxes for overnight.
2. Down healer (Cleric / Bard), then AoE (Wizard/Warlock/Ranger), then Melee.

1. Eventually you will do some grinding in challenges.
2. Challenge is only worth it if you can pass the second boss (get a D12 roll).
3. Unless the 6 on the reward list is something that will instantly boost your team.
4. Don’t spend GEM on bonus challenge.
5. Spend gold on bonus GEM is good even if you can just pass first boss.

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