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Pre-history: recently I’ve stuck at Follow the Voices location in Warriors of Waterdeep. I don’t have much gold (getting it mostly from events and arena chests) and it’s pretty common problem in WoW. I’ve found very good guide @ game discord, written by 793.

How to complete Follow the Voices
mission 2 with lvl 4-5 team, a bit of luck and a bunch of tries.

Barbarian and Ranger lvl5, Wizard and Cleric lvl4.

Wiz needs Ceremonial Kris (weapon).
Ranger should have Mountaineer’s Hood (head) and Great Bow (weapon, I had it leveled up to 5).
Barb should have everything rare (except what’s unavailable at lvl5).
Cleric may have Thunder Mace And Shield (weapon) but it’s not that important.
Also rare armor is mildly appreciated.

First room:
This is the scariest one.
Restart a bunch of times until your turn order looks like this:
Barb (cast taunt) -> Troll (pulls Barb) -> Cleric (heals Barb) -> another Troll (pulls Barb).
Ranger and Wiz use their range cooldowns, Barb’s second turn is to step back. Then Trolls will run at you over their own traps.
What you want is Barb with >50% hp and everyone else fully alive, all abilities are on cooldown from the first turn. Restart and wait for crits if needed.

Second room (left):
This horde might seem scary at first but it’s alright, just pray for more luck. Survive the first turn, step back if pulled. Then Barb should be able to taunt again. Use that Wiz’s (from kris) and Ranger’s (from hood) AOE to clear off ghosts, they die from one crit or one-two hits. You want your Ranger and Wiz alive, plus either healthy Barb or Barb and Cleric alive.

Third room (left):
These mobs hit hard but die easy, one regular shot with cube proc from Ranger is enough to kill troll from the first round (omae wa mou shindeiru, he will fall later from injury before he could do anything other than movement). Barb and Cleric are weak meat shields at that point. If after their death Wiz and Ranger are left almost unharmed 2 vs 3 or better, then you should be alright.

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