Warriors of Waterdeep: rooms before Rust monster guide

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Guide by S4x0pwnd:

2 levels before rust monster boss I got stuck again. My advice:

1st room:
Warlock with -atk weapon helped keep dmg dealers and barb alive. You will need to keep barb alive as long as possible. If anyone other than barb gets pulled by ogre, run back to starting position. If ogre advances, you can push him away with wiz or cut him down if initiative is in your favor.

2nd room(right):
I didnt have any luck in the left room. It was 2 lvl 9s for me(ogre and orc) and they did to much dmg. Right room looks a little daunting with 2 ettins but they are starting staggered. If you use cleric to boost team ac and taunt with barb, you should be able to buy your self some time to whittle down atk with warlock debuff and push them around/zap with wizard.
I died alot in this room because ettins have a whole line attack that ruined me when they did them right after one another.

3rd room(right):
I cant remember what was in the left room but in the right room I had better luck with the 3 orcs. Kill the back orc as quick as possible with range and debuff attack on the 2 front ones as much as you can. I had a bit of trouble in here but with the initiative in your favor it’s pretty easy once that back orc is dead. I had cleric mass heal and wiz zap up in here so I was able to sustain enough and crit the back orc and eventually won.

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