Might and Magic VI – legendary RPG

I still remember my 1st time in M&M6.. I came as a little boy to my step-father friend as a guest (made a visit) and he had MM6 installed. I’ve created my party and walked around New Scorpigal fearing every noise, collected all herbs and spend hours by mixing them 😀 .. Later on when I had MM6 at my home PC I still didn’t came far away im terms of walkthrough – I several times started the game, made it to Ironfist Castle.. Then MM7 appeared and I came there, never coming far away from the beginning…

It’s so fun to make it finally at MM6! I’ve started streaming my walkthrought – in Russian at https://youtube.com/StreamGuild and in English at https://youtube.com/idleglaz 😉 I’m trying to avoid spoilers and exessive saves. So far it’s very fan. So much games which deserve to be played at.. So I have to put them in queue 😀

I’ve decided to make stream only at one, Russian-speaking channel, so my walkthrough will be easier to watch (so you won’t need to go from one channel to another to see it in right order). But I’ll make videos about MM6 in English too – first thing will be guide for new players without spoilers in English. So.. You are welcome to watch my main adventures in Russian and creative MM6 videos at English channel

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