Rage of Mages 2 NEW UPDATE (2020)

We had a wipe and a lot of new updates:

  • All items except books, scrolls, and healing potioons have been removed from shops; from now on, equipment are obtained from monsters or as a reward from taverns (also I wanna remind you that in taverns you can’t get experience as reward);
  • Players do not drop items on death anymore;
  • PvP will be allowed only on the end-game maps or arena;
  • Scrolls cost is tremendously rebalanced (for example, teleport scroll was 100k, now it’s 500k);
  • The mana cost of spells for a mage is increased 2-10 times (for example, teleport spell was 60 mana; now it’s 300 mana);
  • Healing potions now heal +1 HP. A large can costs 100 g, but it is quite heavy. Small – 150 g, but they weighs 2 times less;
  • Mana potions – small restores +1, and large restores +2;
  • Regeneration potion costs 10 times more (it was 100 g, it became 1000 g);
  • Buffed two-handed weapons (+20% speed);
  • Poison cloud moved from the sphere of Water to the sphere of the Earth (finally earth got  AoE spell; the water still has a hail);
  • Removed many in-game rules to make the hat more autonomous;
  • There is a gradual introduction of the new maps; the first week or two will be only a ‘easy’ difficulty;
  • Fireball spell got increased damage;
  • Reduced distance of magic missiles.

Please consider to make a donation for server hosting (it costs 17$ per month). Every tiny coin matters!
I hope that through your contributions I can continue hat’s support for years to come!

RoM2 stream from hat’s opening:

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4 Responses to Rage of Mages 2 NEW UPDATE (2020)

  1. ElfPie says:

    So, if poison cloud is now earth spell. How the UI and what spell would take poison role in water sphere? (since is balanced for X spells for X spheres equal)

  2. NOVA says:

    A couple things:

    1) I LOVE the videos. I hope you keep making them.

    2) I know the item cost and item effect changes are all created simply by modifying the world.res file. But I’m curious what/where you changed in order to alter the “on PC death” game behavior. Could you please instruct how to remove item loss upon death?

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