Rage of Mages 2: class & monsters rebalance

Some changes which we made over past weeks (to be in touch – please join our discord):

1. Code update by @WarBeginner:

  • the way to control teleport distance
  • fixed bug with ‘max_skill>100’;
  • fixed bug with max stats potions for witch/amazon
  • new min-max exp brackets for quests

2. Server updates:

  • class changes:
    amazon +13 reaction (more defence); mage +4 strenght (with proper items (body+1 hp+50 could tank by using ‘l’ key and auto-heal; become paladin-like); new stats:
    warrior 52 50 48 46
    amazon 48 65 52 52
    mage 52 46 52 50
    witch 43 58 65 50
  • 5th monsters: reduced damage and defence; buffed experience
  • duration of ‘Bless’ and ‘Haste’ spells doubled; elven scrolls costs increased x1.5
  • dragon resistances revamped (swap earth with water)
    (please note that text descriptions at scrolls display wrong information; normal scrolls works as 50 mastery skill; elven as 100 mastery skill)
  • summon spellbook cost: 75kk->25kk
  • Added rule:
    13. It is forbidden to deliberately block the passage of a player; especially with the goal that the player was killed by monsters (except for ‘PvP’ maps); it includes stone walls spell, using summoned creatures or blocking player with ‘body’ (or any other method).
  • Mana costs:
    teleport 180 -> 360 (teleport should be escape option, not a way to move around)
    fireball 30 -> 40
    firewall 60 -> 100
    poison cloud 60 -> 100
    prismatic spray mana: 70->60
  • Added ‘horror’ difficulty – please test it for blunders: shops, bugged mobs, exploits etc
  • price increased for scrolls: elven magic arrows
    reduced for scrolls: summon and control spirit
  • teleport scrolls distance (tp for warrior should work like ‘dash’/’jump’ skills)
    common 50k 3 distance
    elven 500k 6 distance
  • 2-handed melee weapons now give additional defence, absorption, attack speed; their cost reduced (10%)
  • attack speed of spears reduced (they always were OP); spears got bonus to attack
  • all undeads and necromancers got astral resistance; also succubus got a bit
  • mage’s teleport distance is limited to 12 (at 110 skill)
  • orcs tp distance fixed
  • troll4/5 stone curse fixed
  • Added table with monsters
  • reduced distances to certain magic spells
  • elite mage armour price buffed (so it will come up at horror maps as tavern rewards)
  • bracelet/amulet price 10x (now it’s high-end equipment; you will still be able to upgrade it with quests)
  • reduced exp for dragon4 (750k->500k)
  • exp penalty readjusted: ‘Hard’: -10%; ‘Horror’: -15%
  • summoned spirits (and also skeletons, zombies) can’t regenerate or be healed

3. @klen312 (Мафусаил) made a script to cancel quests automatically

4. Maps

  • Changed order of maps for medium and hard maps
  • rebelanced and fixed bugs at medium maps
  • ‘Monsters’ map is more accessible for newbies who wish to hunt trolls
  • ‘Turtle Beach’ map live
  • added shops at central towns (Ordeal, Terra, Valley)
  • removed some minor quests from medium maps and revamped a bit
  • no more intercept dragon4 quests at ‘hard’ for now (replaced with ‘kill’)
  • reduced troll4 respawn
  • ‘Middle’ and ‘Turtle Beach’ map quests revamp
  • removed loads of ‘minor’ quests from medium maps (so rolling for good quest will be easier). Please report about ‘bad’ quests (which give low exp.. except easy maps)
  •  Judas got another dragon3
  • Middle
    – added dragon4 S
    – reduced respawn troll4
    – added q for ogre 4
  • Added experemental intercept dragon4 quest at Horror maps. BEWARE! It’s not an easy task as it was before. Try it on your own risk.

Hat passed 200 accounts registrations! 222 at the moment 😉

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