Project: Gorgon SUGGESTIONS

Project Gorgon it’s very rare game in modern times – it’s become better and better the more you play. But its very important to make ‘bright’ and polished beginning of the game. I mean newbie island… Some suggestions:

1) newbie armour. It looks quite wierd right now cause of its greenish color.Its very important – to make new player to like his character. I could advice make something more traditional color – grey for example..

Actually its not only about newbie armour, but to all armours which I saw… Game has very nice oldschool graphics style (I like it very much actually), but armour colors making it not so fun. Its TOO bright. What could be better? Maybe try to inspire at other oldschool games, like UO:

 It would be fun if player would start in something traditional fantazy game armour like leather or grey/brown cloth… Make bright colores (even red one which I got at newbie island) – rare.. Brightness has to be a luxury, not for newbie players, but for the most advanced adventurers 🙂

2) Add more meaning in beating monsters at the beginning, cause they attack you a lot at newbie island, but eventually there is no point to fight them when you going after ridles. So it would be awesome, for example, add some items in monsters loot, which refer to quests and tell you a story. For example: several pieces of papers; every paper could have a number like “part 1/13 of student journal”… Drop rate has to be not too high so player would collect all notes only when it would be time to leave island. Of course add possibility have certain reward after player collect all parts.. 🙂

Thats it for now 🙂 I’ll add more ideas there soon %)

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