Clash Royale — new genre in online games

I play online games (MMORPG/MOBA mostly) since 1999. Right now MMORPG/MOBA genre in deep crysis, not much new ideas, only WoW/LoL clones everywhere… So imagine my surprise when I found out that online games industry at ‘mobile’ platforms made huge breakthrough. I was very amazed by founding out about Clash Royale recently. This game united 3 genres – MOBA, CCG and tower-defence… So it’s actually a new genre by itself. I’ve transfered my impressions into video review with pluses and minuses of CR:

In the same moment I’m pretty confused – I saw recently thread like “game is dying”… But how it could die if several dev teams right now copying ideas from Clash Royale and creating clones of this game? LoL and Dota wasn’t so famous when they just appeared, it’s all just a beginning. I wanna repeat it again – it’s huge breakthrough in online games genre and we all lucky enough to witness this revo/evolution in genre. Also its very important that with help of CR more and more people recognizing beauty of online gaming, it becomes real trend in offline. 

I didn’t expected so much fun and influence from _mobile game_. As a lot of other PC/console gamers, I was quite blind in ignoring ‘mobile’ online games, thinkig of them as something limited. CR making it very different right now. AWESOME 

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