[impressions] Battle system of Ember Online (MUD)

Overall, I like Ember Online very much. This game has the most friendly UI (among MUDs) which I saw. It make playing this MUD very big pleasure.

Also I love the world, locations, setting, lore, classes and races… It’s all very well done. 

But I see some parts of gameplay which could be improved IMHO. And the most crucial is Battle system of some classes. 

I like general battle concept very much – that there is certain time for a turn and you have some time between turns to understand whats going on. It’s made very nice. But… battle itself is too repetive and at certain point become boring.

Of course, game has to have different classes. Some of them has to be more straightforward and easy to play, some has to be more complex. But currently there is too much ‘one-click’ fights, at least in PvE (I didn’t try PvP yet… almost) – it looks like ‘clicker-game’ sometimes.

I suggest to add more skills to some classes. For example, I play sorcerer, lvl 15. I got 1 skill to attack,1 summon, 1 buff. Soon I’ll have also 1 debuff (str). To tell the truth – it’s not much. In general I have to 1-click all fights. Of course, it’s not graphical MMORPG like WoW, where we could have 20+ skills, but at least it would be fun to have different attack skills. 1 AoE, 1 DoT, 1 spike damage, 1 control skill (interupt or stun) . I heard that AoE system isn’t there yet, but then it could be different spike damage skills. Example:
1) ‘Explosition’ spell. After cast it do nothing, but at second (or third?) turn it make 1.5x damage of Blast
2) ‘Strike’ – it takes 2 stamina to cast it; it makes 2.5x damage of Blast.
3) ‘Thunderstorm’ – make 0.5 damage of Blast and mini-stun target (-1 stamina for 1 turn)
4) ‘Slow time’ – debuff, reducing (-1) ‘stamina’ for certain time
5) ‘Elemental shield’ – each time when enemy hits you, he takes certain amount of damage

Some of the most powerful spells could have cooldown (time to wait before next cast), so they wouldn’t be harassed too often.

It’s just an example, if it’s good ideas, I’ll be glad to participate in brainstorm and try to polish this concept.

Main idea – it would be fun to have more options in battle, to think and decide – which option to choose. It would make game _really_ perfect.

I understand that it’s hard to balance a lot of skills… But it’s very essential thing IMHO, to have more options in fights. 

Now I’m rerolling to necro, cause at least necromancers has DoT skill, so it would be a bit more action around… But actually I like sorcerer magic more and I’m kinda forced to merge to another class to have more dynamic gameplay. And considering necro – I heard that it’s mainly Rot+Leech rotation. Why not to make Beam also useful if you don’t need heal atm, so it would make more damage then Leech? It would give some more choice…

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