[Lesson] How to play ‘Harry Potter’ on guitar at ONE STRING

The time has come.. for magic! In my lesson I’ll help you to learn how to play the melody from “Harry Potter” on ONE STRING. After watching my video, even beginner guitarists can play this rather complicated tune!

The melody is played on the second string, although you can play at all any one you like, the tablature will be the same. Video tutorial:

Full tabs from my video: Continue reading

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igroglaz – evolution

This is my first electronic music track ever which I’ve created in 2005 in eJay 😉 It’s part of my debut album ‘piroliz’

This music may be used for commercial & non-commercial purposes, but please credit link to this video

► Download mp3: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ayKGhK7cveX_ayBEcInMLPahS2eqBem6

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And now a bit of electronics ..

I wanna upload my old electronic music tracks; they will be under a Creative Commons license.

I used to make music as ‘dj piroliz’. Now I think it’s more appropriate to call myself just ‘igroglaz’. And I’ll call my first electronic album “piroliz”.

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Transfer of old thoughts

I’m got an idea about a quite large-scale (by the standards of my micro-universe) project – to transfer all my notes from past diaries/blogs to this site. I’m also thinking of publishing my “paper” diaries .. But that isn’t coming too soon.

Explanation: each post at this website has a ‘date’. I opened igroglaz.com on 07/21/2019, starting with the post “I am here.” All what would be before this post – transferred from other sites or added later, while maintaining the original date.

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I am there.

Long drops cried
Until I finally shiver.
Sudden moment
Scheduled Performance.
We are going.

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