Why TomeNET doesn’t have public git? (opinion)

There is a discussion on Discord – why TomeNET doesn’t have public git? I’ll try to explain my vision on it.

I do not know for sure. I heard that devs got private git. Why is it private? Because devs decided like this. I believe that they got clear picture how game has to be and this picture is very hardcore. Most of other players (who also wanna contribute code) do not understand this concept clearly, so it’s easier for devs to fully control development than having debates – which stuff is good and which is bad. That’s why I suggested to have very strict rules in terms of new commits.. So devs wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time in debates and explaining (please note, that it’s all just my thoughts, I do not know really).

So for now, we (community) could suggest our help and kindly ask for allowing us to help. We ask because dev’s are not obliged to us to change something; actually I believe it’s another big reason for private development – reduce obligations to community and other people.

That’s why we have to suggest such concept of public git – which would preserve core-devs control over project and there wouldn’t be need for them to spend time over explaining why they refused that or this idea. I’ve noticed that if I suggest any idea – devs most of the time do not reply on email/message, but if they like the idea – it appears in time; if they do not like – it doesn’t. So I just suggest all the stuff and do not expect for devs to react somehow. They work on project in their free time and they are not obliged to explain their ‘moves’. So if we wanna to suggest our help in frames of public git – we have to ask for it with presentation of the concept in which nobody wouldn’t be offenced if he didn’t receive an explanation for a refuse of commit or something. They do not want conflicts and they do not want to explain (again it’s all my speculations).

Just imagine this example: one guy suggested (and commited) to add new monsters. He spend a lot of time on it. But right now game it perfectly balanced and there is not need for it, so devs refused commit. Guy is angry. He ask for explanations. And devs has to spend emotions and time for explaining. And it’s not one guy, but 10 guys. And not 1 time, but 100 times. I supposes – it’s the reason why devs do not want to make git public. So the only way to get to it – have concept when devs do not have obligations (and all know it) to explain their decisions.

Would coders accept such concept? Not all. Coders are proud ‘1337’ folks, everyone (almost) got his own strong opinion and think that it’s the only right one; they want explanations and demand answers. That’s why I suppose devs even didn’t try to propose public git; too much ’empty’ fuss. We have to propose it on favorable terms for them, so devs would have the same feeling of ‘no obligations to anyone’.

All what you’ve read about – just my guesses. Maybe the reasons are different or there are no reasons at all.

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