TomeNET needs public git repository

In the past I though about roadmap of development as quite important thing.. Hell to it!

But what would be great to have – public git repository so TomeNET’s community could contribute to the project. I believe there are several people around who are willing to contribute to the game.. Some of them are pretty able to do so.

The problem
We all know high standarts of TomeNET development and very strict policy for accepting /rfes. All this years devs made really amazing job in terms of preserving game very good balanced, there are no imba-classes.. when I start new character I could think about which race to take for it _for hours_; it’s all because it so brilliant balanced. At the same time TomeNET become better and better with every new update; enhanced with new gameplay systems (like new spell system), new features, classes, abilities..

It’s essential to keep such high standarts of game development. Thats why TomeNET git repo should have very strict policy in terms of accepting new commits. People who contribute to the code should understand that and do not take offense if their commits would be refused sometimes. There has to be no emotions, but trust to ‘core dev team’ who work at TomeNET for 17+ years and know what is good for TomeNET and what is bad.

1) It’s time to create formalized way to contribute to the project for TomeNET community.
2) Lets ‘core dev team’ (current dev team) would take full control over new commits and would preserve very strict policy of game development. 
3) not_TomeNETish/raw/broken/stupid stuff should be refused without regret; nobody has to take offence about it. No drama -> Win. Everyone should finish their ideas to perfection and only after that send it to the core-git-repo.

Such a rigorous concept will prevent the counterproductive consequences that can arise in the environment of creative people working on such unusual (the most complex online game, eh?) open source project. And at the same moment, it’s time for TomeNET to open its doors to new developers. I really hope that the best online game in the World will be even better if development become truly open.

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